Q&A: Ask a Doula

I get a lot of questions by email and a friend suggested that I should have a Q&A section here on the blog. So here goes, please post your questions here and I will do the best I can to answer them or pass you on the info you need to get an answer. Thanks!

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99 Responses to “Q&A: Ask a Doula”

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Yay for a Q&A section – hopefully others can benefit from my ignorance. ;o)

What pregnancy yoga do you recommend – is there a certain DVD that you like? There’s a lot out there to choose from. I’m a beginner, btw. :o)

I am using Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea. I really like it because there are three women doing the routine, one in the first trimester, one in the second and one in the third. Each woman does each move a little differently depending on what stage of pregnancy she is in. It is very easy to follow and understand and to watch the one that you should be following. If you are a beginner you will have no problem doing this video and if you find that some of the positions are hard for you, then do what the woman in the third trimester is doing. Her modifications make her positions the easier ones to do. Some Amazon reviewers mentioned that if you are a beginner that you may need a little more explanation on how to do a pose but I think once you have done the video a few times, you will have no problem. All the poses are for pregnant women so they aren’t extremely difficult. Here’s a link to the DVD on Amazon…


Sounds great! I’m going to order it. Thanks!!

I get varied responses to my VBAC plans from my family and friends – some enthusiastic, some curious (“I’m really interested in that; let me see how yours turns out), and of course a few that are varied degrees of worry / concern. I feel like I’m lucky not to have more opposition, and I’m focusing on those around me who are positive.

Anyway, on this website (http://www.childbirth.org/section/VBAC.html) they say to “Read and make available to your friends and relatives “Yes, I’m Having a VBAC.” – I would love to have this available to pass on, but there is no link. Do you have the link, or a similar handout?

I can’t find it, I have looked in several places for it. I’ll see what else I can find and make some emails. Someone has it. However, I am really the kind of person that doesn’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation. This is your birth and you know what is best, don’t feel like you need to rally the troops because you have lots of support already.

That probably sounds like I am being short. I think it is great that you want to educate others on VBAC and I do think the handouts are great. I just don’t want you to feel like you have to defend yourself. πŸ™‚

No, I understand what you mean, and when it comes to my body / my birth I don’t feel the need to defend myself. πŸ™‚ However, I do live in *Oklahoma*, where 99% of women have been told at some point that VBAC is “illegal” (seriously, I was when I had my c-section *and* in childbirth class)… and as far as I know there are only 6 doctors in the state who are allowed to attempt it… So I would like the brochure for educational purposes to share with those who think I am endangering the life of my child. I could come up with links to all the research etc myself, but it seems like it would be easier to just pass on a pamphlet and let the discussion end there.

Oh you are right, like i said, it’s GREAT that you are trying to educate. Maybe it will even help another woman make the decision in the future. And it’s not that the docs are ‘allowed’ to try it, it’s that their malpractice will drop them if they do it. Even worse huh?!

Another question (ha ha! I should use a pseudonym)… how often should I get prenatal chiropractic care? Is once monthly enough? Maybe once a week the last month?

The amount of chiro care you need would be determined by the chiro at your initial exam. When I went, they found that I had a gross misalignment in my pelvis that caused one leg to be 3/4 an inch longer than the other and also caused a posterior tilt to my pelvis. I had three nerves being pinched, the right sciatic, one in the lower back and one in the shoulders. I needed what they called intensive therapy, three times a week for a month to correct this. Within two weeks the sciatic pain I had was gone and by the end of the month my lower back was better. From there I went two times a week for what was supposed to be a month but it got cut short by our really bad weather (I have to go all the way to Seoul, 3 hours round trip on the train) and the holidays. Now I will be going once a week probably for the rest of the pregnancy. It is a lot but considering what happened in my first birth (malpositioning) it is worth every dime and every hour on the train. Plus my back feels MUCH better.

Hi πŸ™‚
I couldn’t locate where to personally email you,
so I am posting here hopin’ ya see it.

Just wanted to share I ran across your blog back in May 09′. I googled inverted t incision and your first post spoke to me. Our baby Nolan was born June 11 09 via emergency c-section. I had a 31 hours active and long labor at home with 3 attending midwives. I was fully dialated 4-6 hours into labor and the rest of the time was full of pushing and movement to try to get Nolan out. He was posterior. I ended up developing a bandl’s ring and we went to the hospital where it took 3 doctors to pull Nolan out. The main doctor had to do an inverted t-incision (80% upward) and ended up pulling him out by the feet. Nolan’s apgar was 1. The doctor told my husband that Nolan was posterior (which we knew) and his eyes were looking out. He told my husband if his head would have been posistioned correctly he would have slid out no problem. 2 days later while in our hospital room my husband told me that the doctors had to make an upside down T on me to get Nolan out. I thought, in my groggy state of mind, he meant on my tummy. The day we were to be released the doctor told me No VBAC and 36 weeks to take next baby out with the inverted t incision on my uterus. I just nodded numbly. It hit me then. The cut was not on my tummy, but on my uterus. ..I took it for truth for a week or so. I couldn’t even cry because crying hurt my incision so badly. Then while I was back in the hospital for a uterus infection, my hubby and I talked about it. Once I was able to think again and move around more, I started doing research. I read your post back in May 09 and I checked up on you a couple more times over the summer. Today I hopped on to research and google vbacs and doctors who perform vbacs after inverted t’s and found myself at your blog again!!! AND your pregnant and you found a doctor to work with! I am SO excited for you!

My mom has encouraged me to share my birth story and I have typed up the whole thing I just have not posted it anywhere yet. It still hurts a lot. Everyday I think about it. It can be hard at times because some don’t understand…I think that is why I hold back. Maybe part of the healing process is opening up to others? I am glad you have shared yours as you have no idea how it’s encouraged me. Please keep sharing! Jessica

hI Jessica,

WOW what a story! I actually had to look up Bandl’s ring, I had never heard of it. I think sharing your birth story is a great idea. If you want to post it on my blog, feel free. I wrote an article about a client that had an OP baby, have you read it? Here is the link…


Your birth story would go well there or it would go well under the inverted t incision post or you could post it in both places as it pertains to both topics. As you know, it can be hard to find info on these topics so by putting your story out there, you may help someone else understand their own situation better. And yes, sharing does help with healing because you can get perspective and information you may not have otherwise gotten.

As for VBAC with an inverted t incision scar, it is possible and their are doctors and midwives that support it although you will have to look hard for one. There is one in Atlanta, Dr. Tate. He is the same doctor that attended the triplet VBAC that I posted about. There is also one in TX. I don’t know the name or details but I can find out.

Also, there is a group started by another inverted t mom, Jessica (who had a successful VBAC after inverted t and is pregnant and preparing to do it again). Here is a link to her website:


There are a couple of inverted t VBAC birth stories there and you will also find a link to her Inverted t support group. There are several women in the group and a lot of knowledge amongst them all.
Jessica will probably also chime in here when she sees your post.

I was also told that I would have to deliver at 36 weeks and I was not ok with that. I was going to go back to the States to VBAC with Dr. Tate but found a supportive doc here in Korea instead. Under the right circumstances, I do believe it is a good option. Have you read the Landon Study? It found a 1.9% rate of rupture for inverted t’s. It is posted on my inverted t post and my Journey to VBAC post. That’s a lot less than the 15% I was originally quoted.

Good luck with everything. Please keep me posted on how things go for you. And thanks for sharing!

Hi Jessica, Amy told me about your post. Yes, please come join my Life_After_InvT Yahoo group. There are so many bad statistics out there about how high the risk of rupture is for our unusual scars. 😦 I really can’t add anything to what she’s already posted, just wanted to encourage you to join us and keep looking at your options. I think there are 2 docs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the 1 in Atlanta, and various home birth midwives around the US. I’m sure we can help you find someone that can help you!

i forgot, there is also on in North Carolina. I have never talked to her or emailed her but a DONA doula trainer and LCCE trainer in the area sent me her info when I was looking for prospective docs. I didn’t have to contact her because I found Dr. Chung here. I will email her and see what her stance is on it at least for references sake.

From Kelly:

Hi Amy!! So thanks to you I’ve thought long and hard and I’ve decided to become a DONA certified doula. A good friend of mine is due with her second boy in mid-March and is wanting to have as natural a labor as she can. She’s asked me to be her doula! I’m really excited, but this will be my first birth so I’m also pretty nervous. I was hoping you could share some tips with me or offer some insight??
Today at 2:58pm Β· Comment Β· Like

Yay! You will be a great doula! You already have a lot of knowledge and your birth experience itself is inspirational. You will do GREAT πŸ™‚ My advice is to go ahead and start all the recommended reading with The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin being the first one you read. The first birth is definitely the scariest but trust your instinct and most of trust the moms instinct and it will be great. Let me know if there is anything at all that you need or that I can do for you or if you have any specific questions. Also, email me your email address and I will send you all the handouts that I give to clients, they have tons of good info as far as doula techniques are concerned.

First of all congrats on your pregnancy. Secondly I was wondering how you became a doula? Did you go through DONA? How hard was it and how long did it take?

Thanks Lanae!

I trained through DONA. I decided last January that i wanted to train as a doula but being in Korea I had some logistics to think about. I started reading the recommended reading and started looking for an easy way to get to a workshop. The closest one was in Hawaii and the instructor told me I could bring Graham who was 12 months old at the time. I had already started attending births at free or reduced rates as well. I went to the workshop and quickly completed the births necessary for certification, in my case it was four. I wrote the necessary essays and completed the paperwork. The whole process took about 6 months total.

I’ve been considering getting certified, but wasn’t too sure about who to go through or how long it might take. I’m also debating on whether I should wait until I’m done nursing my son or not. I know that I would be required to attend a workshop and that would be hard with a nursing baby. If someone wanted to become a doula would you recommend going through DONA?

i went DONA and have been happy with it. I think that the hands on training the workshop offers plus all the extra work you have to after the workshop makes for good training. Most instructors welcome nursing babies to the workshops so you would be able to take yours with you. Usually the rule is ‘babes in arms’ but Graham was 12 months and I still took him to mine and it was great.You have to remember, you’d be surrounded by doulas, everyone pitches in to help out with the baby. If yours is the kind that will sleep anywhere, i say go for it. How long it takes depends on you, how many births you can get lined up and how quickly you can get all the work done. For some it only take a few months and for others it take the two full year maximum.

There is a workshop about 3 hours away from where I live in August, so I’m thinking about going. My son would be 10 months old at the time.
Amy thank you so much for your website, it has been such an eye opener for me.

You’re welcome! I think you will be an excellent doula. Your own experiences have taught you the importance of being informed and the importance of feeling supported in labor. You will be a great asset to many birthing women. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes so keep me posted. I think between now and August you should start reading the required reading and maybe linking up with another local doula. You can attend births before the workshop to get some experience but they won’t count until after the workshop. You could always attend a few births with an experienced doula as well.

There aren’t very many doulas here so that might be a little hard. But I’ll have to look around some more. ‘ll let you know how things go.

I gave birth 7 months back and again 3 months pregnant now. I’ve read several comments before regarding misoprostol that it shouldn’t be used for women who just had cs delivery. I am financially unstable and have lots of responsibilities in life that I finally decided to abort the pregnancy. Please don’t be so judgmental as no one knows my situation. It’s really difficult but I have to do it. My question is, what would be the worst thing to happen to me once i take the medicine? I am really scared and desperate in finding possible solutions to my prob. Please HELP…

Hi Leslie,
I am sorry that you are having to go through all of this, it must be very difficult.
As for misoprostal (Cytotec) after c sections, the general issues surrounding use of this drug is in reference to labor induction for VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean). It increases the risk of uterine rupture. You may have search the drug and found my site that way, here is an article I wrote on it…
I did not discuss the use of misoprostal for abortions, though I do know that it is used for that reason both under doctor’s supervision and underground. The biggest issue with misoprostal is that it is not actually an abortion drug or a labor induction drug, it is an ulcer medication. There are no real dosing recommendations and trials on the risks of this drug for these off label usages. It has been known to cause many problems in abortions just as it does in labor usage. Here is a link that discusses the package insert from the drug makers of misoprostal. It explains the risks of using the drug for off purposes…
I hope this information helps you.

Thanks Amy…It’s really scary as my wound is still fresh and hearing about the uterine rupture makes me feel sick! But what can I do now? I cannot go on with the pregnancy…I did not go for any check-up nor taking care of myself i.e. eating the right food, etc. and I’m worried that there will be some abnormalities later on with the baby due to the stuff I’ve taken – pills & herbs. In the country where I am residing right now, it is really difficult to seek for a medical help. In case I will go through a surgery like D&C, will the chance of terminating the pregnancy and not getting infection succeed? Honestly, it’s really really difficult for me to make this decision, it’s aginst my will. Hope you’ll understand as well as the rest of the readers.

I’m pretty sure a D&C would be more effective and safer than using misoprostal but I was just reading that in the US D&C is rarely used and especially not after 8 weeks. If you were in the US you’d have a D&E http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/dilation-and-evacuation-de-for-abortion but I don’t know what the country you are in does. There are going to be risks to your scar regardless of what method you choose and there are going to be risks not associated with your scar.
Here’s the thing though, and I am not being judgmental or trying to tell you what to do, you came to me asking for info and I’ve been trying to give it to you straight without opinion or emotion. That said, you say it is very difficult to make this decision and you say it’s against your will and you have let it go to nearly the second trimester at which time all risks increase when aborting in general. Are your main reasons for doing this because you are afraid of what you have done to the baby? Are these things that you did before you knew you were pregnant or did you continue to do these things after you found out? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but my point in asking is that sometimes we do things before we know and we don’t always eat right and take care of ourselves the way we should and most times the babies are just fine. I was at a beer festival the day before I found out I was pregnant with my son. There are women who do much worse things than take pill and herbs and their babies are fine as well. There’s no guarantee for a perfect baby anyway. In the same breath, there are women who do EVERYTHING perfectly, diet, exercise, vitamins, everything and they miscarry or have abnormalities and deformities. It’s never a sure thing. There are also many women who get pregnant soon after a c section who have no complications in pregnancy and even successfully have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).
I am only saying all of this because you say it’s against your will. I am sure even it was with your will it would still be a hard decision to make but honestly I don’t think you are really committed to it. Sounds to me like you are in a desperate situation and you aren’t sure what you should do or need to do or the best way to do any of it. I hurt for you because as a woman and a mother I cannot imagine being in your shoes. I wonder if the country you are in has some kind of assistance or advisors for women in your position, to help you make the best decision, one way or the other and so that if you do go through with the abortion to do it as safely as possible to minimize risks to your health, which you need for you current child and to protect your fertility in the event that you do want another baby in the future. By the way, I can see tracker for where my readers are coming from so I know where you are writing from and I’d be more than happy to help you learn your options.
I hope you don’t mind me speaking my mind to you, I truly want to help you the best way I can.

Im 40 weeks and a 1 day I lost my mucus plug and have been leaking amniotic fluid for the last day and a half. It is clear and odorless. I do not want to be induced, Is it o for me to wait until contractions start or should I get checked.

Hi Rebecca

Sounds exciting! Even though you don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen, it sounds like it should happen soon. I suggest reading this article on my blog including the comments. Everyone has their own comfort level as to how they should handle PROM (premature rupture of membranes=water breaks and no contractions) but hopefully the article can give you some info that might help you decide what to do. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Good luck!!


I had uterine atony postpartum hemorrhaging with my first delivery and I’m wondering what the chances are of this happening again. Do you have any information on this?

I read somewhere that 80-90% of postpartum hemorrhaging is due to uterine atony. There are several factors that can cause this kind of hemorrhage such as: anesthesia, prolonged pushing phase, overactive 3rd stage management (doc pulled on the cord to deliver placenta rather than allowing it to deliver on it’s own, this is a BIG one), and pitocin use or augmentation in labor. There are some other causes (like retained placenta, infection or thrombosis) that are out of our control sometimes but the majority of the risk factors are due to intervening. The specific chances of it happening again are probably related to the risk factors involved, as in how many of the above interventions occur during the birth. The best way to prevent it from happening again is to plan a natural birth with as few interventions as possible. I know of several women that had PPH with their first baby and had none the second time but the second time their deliveries were also very different from their first. I would probably request a copy of my birth records to see if there is anything in them that would point to a cause in the hemorrhage, talk to my doc about it and then get another opinion from a midwife or more natural minded OB to see what they think. If it was caused by an uncontrollable circumstance, then it would be good for you to know that going into another birth but it if was controllable (or unanswerable as to what caused it because then it’s likely an intervention) then you can make the best decisions possible. Good luck!

What is considered a long pushing phase? I also had hemorrhage after my first baby and pushed for 3h! I am now 38 weeks and afraid to happen again. Thx!

Hi Amy-
I am 20 weeks pregnant right now and am going to try for a VBAC(I KNOW that I can do it!) I have am currently seeing a doctor that is VBAC friendly where I live but is not able to deliver the baby where he works. I will be traveling about 45 minutes to the hospital where I would have to deliver under a doctor that I will not have seen before (whoever is on call will deliver the baby). I guess my question would be is this typical at hospitals? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about what I should be doing to prepare myself? I have been doing some reading online and I have also been reading your blog (which is great by the way!!) Thanks in advance!!


HI Jeri

Congrats! And good for you for planning to VBAC! I think the first thing I would do, even if you love your current doc, is to go ahead and switch to someone who does deliver at that hospital. It may help you to have your doc for the birth. Is that an option? It is common to have on call docs as the birth attendant. But I’d definitely switch because even though your current doc is VBAC supportive, it means nothing on the big day if he’s not there. Another thing to consider is that just because the hospital is VBAC friendly, it doesn’t mean that the particular doc you get that day is the best doc to VBAC with. That said, (and you know this is coming!) hire a doula! I think if i were in your shoes, I would probably find a hotel near the hospital to labor at with my doula and partner as long as I could before going in to the hospital. This is especially important in a situation where you don’t know your care provider. Plus, it will make that 45 minute drive easier if you aren’t in full blown active labor when you do it.

I think as far as educating yourself is concerned, learn as much as you can. I have several articles on preparing for a VBAC.

When hiring a doc, you may need this one…


These may also be helpful



Hi! How can I find a midwife or OB that will support a VBAC after an inverted T in my area? Also, do you think its different if during my C section I also had a myomectomy for a fibroid? I think it was on the outside of my uterus but my doctors give me a different answer every day. My medical records are unclear on that.

Hi Sarah,

Finding an OB or MW to support an inverted t vbac is tough. There are only a handful of docs in the US that will do it. Where are you? You are more likely to be able to find a home birth mw to attend you. It can be done though but it takes time and patience and talking to everyone you can about it. The myomectomy will complicate it. Finding a doc to attend a TOL after myo is tough too. Dr. Tate from Atlanta would probably do it. I’d ask around your natural birth circles, go to your local ICAN chapter meeting, La Leche League, talk to local doulas and childbirth educators. If there is someone in your area that will do it, these are the folks that will know.

Good luck!


Thanks Amy. I am in the Northern NJ area…the hospital where I delivered my son has a 1 in 4 C section rate sooo…its not a great environment! Most everyone I have talked to is pretty discouraging…

well 1 in 4 is better than the national average of 1 in 3. Keep trying. It can be discouraging but someone out there might be willing to talk to you about it. Ask everyone, all the groups i mentioned, any VBAC friendly doc you hear of. Some might be willing to do it but may be very quiet about it. And you are willing and able to travel, you have options there. Good luck!

I’ve had completely healthy pregnancy. At 37 weeks my doctor decided to stretch my cervix from fingertip dilated to 1 cm. (She didn’t ask me or let me know until it was done.) It was quite painful. Is there a reason this would be necessary?

Hi Jennifer,

Congrats on your pregnancy! There really is no reason for the stretch. She’s trying to ‘get things moving’ for you but there really is no reason for it, especially without your consent. Vaginal exams in late pregnancy are pretty useless anyway. They tell you nothing about when labor will start and they are not without risk. Just having the vaginal exam alone increases the risk of infection and accidentally breaking the water. The stretching does the same thing not to mention, like you said, it’s painful.

Personally, I do not have late pregnancy vaginal exams and while I never tell my clients what they should or shouldn’t do, when they ask me my opinion on it, I tell them what I’ve just told you. It’s ok to refuse the exam. I think that having the exams done sets a woman up for unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you think about, you are 37 weeks and being ‘measured’ for progress already. If you go past 40 weeks, which if you are a first time mom you most likely will, then that’s 3-4 weeks of measuring. If nothing changes you are going to begin to question your body and its ability to dilate when really your body works just fine and you could have done without knowing that not much was going on the last 3-4 weeks. You would have already known nothing was going on by way of not being in labor and not having had a baby yet.

My belief is that babies come when babies are ready. Stretching at 37 weeks is highly unlikely to get things moving so why bother? If you are not happy with what happened, you can tell your doctor that you do not want to have any more vaginal exams until after you have hit 40 weeks. If 40 weeks comes and goes you can reevaluate how you feel about it. I’ve had clients not have an exam until well into active labor and that’s ok. If you do want to continue having the exams, just be sure to mention that you don’t want any stretching.

Good luck!


Have you had your baby #2 yet? and if so how did things go? Think of you often! Jessica

I have a few serious questions to ask you about labor and fetal distress complications. I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable posting at this time. If you could please just e-mail me I will be happy to tell you our story.

my water has been leaking for at lest 2 weeks and when i went to the hopital they said it had broke but when they did and altra sound they said it didnt look like my water broke at all there was still full fluid in there…they keep me for three days and gave me meds that where making me very very sick so i signed my self out…when should i return to the hopital?

Hi! I’m not Amy, but I am a student midwife. πŸ™‚ It sounds like you just had a small leak. It is completely possible (though most doctors won’t tell you this) that your bag of water resealed itself. Good for you for checking yourself out. I wouldn’t return to the hospital unless your water breaks again (with a lot of volume), you are in labor or if you notice that your baby isn’t moving around as much as usual. I would recommend doing kick counts throughout the day just to make sure. πŸ™‚

Thanks Jessica. Great answer and exactly what I would have said.

Crystal, good for you for leaving and now doing your home work! Good luck with everything!

I’m thrilled to have stubbled across your posts! I am stationed at Osan AB and am due in late March. I am being seen at Yongsan and am very worried about being “allowed” to have a natural birth. Being an active duty female, I am being told that I must deliver at Yonsan and do whatever their policies require no matter my beliefs. I have an appointment with th Legal office on Monday to discuss my rights, but I had heard your name from another expecting mom and was hoping you might know what Birth at Yongsan entails. Will you still be in Korea in March? if so, I would very much like to talk to you about the possibility of being my Doula. thanks!!

Tiffonie, email me at amyncarter at msn dot com and we’ll talk.

What can i do to induce at 40 weeks???

I was reading something about cytotec on your blog. I was given cytotec for a surgery I was supposed to have on Saturday to help with my heavy menstruations. I had my tubes burned, tied, cut last year so we didn’t check for possible pregnancy prior to my 2 tablet dosage (200 mcg total) to help soften my cervix for the surgery. My pregnancy test day of surgery showed I was pregnant. I go back for more testing but was wondering if you knew of any circumstances where babies where born healthy after being exposed to this drug in a low dose. I see through research that birth defects are possible but hoping for the best and of course this could be a tubal but I would only be about 4 weeks along. Thanks much.

I moved countries and started pre-natal care in U.S late,hence I am a subject of varying due dates.This is my first child. My due dates by LMP and 3 early sonograms before I moved down were consistently between 10-13 Dec 2010. However the first sonogram I had on the 25 of September here gave me a due date of Oct 31st and pinned me at 35 weeks when I should have been at 28/29! This has gotten my ob gyn into a frenzy because of the six week lapse and a day after my ‘adjusted’ due date on Nov 1st after finding out that I was 0cm dilated, she sent me over to Labor and Delivery and asked that I have a weekly BPP and sonogram done.My first question is if these are really necessary, I had to spend over 5 hrs in the hospital the first time. The first one last week gave me another different due date of the 26th of November. The Dr expects me to go into labor by then but has warned that if I don’t, I’ll have to be induced around or before that time depending on the results of the sonograms and BPPs. I’m very fearful of induced labor and would want to stay clear of it, and so would like to know if there’s any real harm to the baby if left to go to 42 weeks or beyond since my differing due dates suggest different gestational ages.

Hi, my names Traci and I’m 26+2weeks with my second child. I carried my son to term. Well last night I think my waters broke, it felt just like it did with my son- like I really had to pee and then there was a huge gush of clear fluid that didn’t smell like wee. Just like with my son there was no further leakage. I went to the hospital and was monitored and my daughters heartrate was fine but they were unsure if my waters had gone or not because there was no further leakage. They said because they didn’t see any more fluid when they did a speculum and my cervix was still high up that it probably wasn’t my waters and sent me home. Well I’m still not sure. I didn’t start contracting till 14hours after my waters went with my son, I waited at home until I felt like I needed to go to hospital and was 9cms dilated by the time I went up after an hour of contractions. Anyway, no contractions but I feel really ill. I have a terrible pain low down in my belly, bad backache, I keep going to the toilet for number two and my partner says I feel like I’m burning up but I feel cold and then my skin goes cold and I feel like I’m baking hot. Maybe its just a coincidental tummy bug and it was just urie but I guess I need reassurance without another unnecessary trip to the hospital. Does it sound like an infection after my waters breaking? Shes still moving but less than usual and I’m scared. xx

Hi Amy, I am so happy to have just stumbled across your blog. I’m overwhelmed by your incredible VBAC story. I am 7 weeks pregnant down here in area IV. I haven’t done much research myself as I just found out, but I’m wondering if you have heard of any doctors that will attend a homebirth down here?
Thank you very much,

Hey Amy! I hope things are going well for you and your family. I found out I’m pregnant with my 3, I’m about 11 weeks. I had my first doctor’s appointment and they are already talking about inducing me. My first l&d was a little under 7 hours and my second was a little over 3 hours, I guess they are afraid that my labor will be even shorter this time. I have no desire to be induced at all the baby will come when he or she is ready. Have quick labors isn’t a reason to induce is it?

Hi loved the post and ned advice, my waters broke 80hrs ago but no active labour just the odd surge home birth has now been ruled out which i dont mind as the midwifes supposed to be attending have been very negative and putting pressure on me to go to hospital and be induced. I ave had one examination to check it was my waters breaking which was confirmed but reading the posts wish i hadnt as im now on the clock they are taking it day at a time after much persuasion as long as i visit daily and have blood checks and fetal heart rate moniteriing. Do you think i should carry on indefinetly whilst all is well i have tried all acupressure points cuddling ect many thanks i await your reply.


Not sure if you still check this or where to contact you otherwise, btu I am having difficulty finding information on laboring at home and when to head into the hospital. I’d like to stay home as long as possible. Could you help point me in the right direction or give advice on how I should determine when to leave for the hospital?

Thank you,

Hi, hopefully you can suggest something so I could make a better decision. I had a baby about 18 months ago and the doctor who delivered by baby injured me with the 4th degree episiotomy he performed, I developed a fistula that still did not heal even after I had surgery. Today I’m 38 weeks pregnant with my second child and my new doctor recommends c-section because of the fistula. The fistula doesnt bother me at all, no pain. With the first birth I had so many interventions like pitocin, epidural and vacuum suction, so with my second birth I’m very scaried of all the medical interventions. I don’t know if I should take the c-section risks or the vaginal delivery with a fistula risks. What would you do?

Hi. I’m so glad I’ve come across your site. I’m 2.5 months pregnant and was researching what to do if my water breaks again. I really had all these nice plans for my first baby – labouring at home as much as possible in the bath, essential oils, music, soft lighting etc. and then 3 weeks before my due date my water broke in the middle of the night and it was pink and I thought omg I’m losing my baby (blood = bad mentality) and I’m off to the hosp with my husband and then they say they’d ahve to induce if labour didn’t start naturally. So I walked, ran up the stairs, ate, pressed points. Nothing happened. 12 hours was all they were giving me. I pleaded and got 24 but still nothing and then they inserted some sort of gel (i forget the name) and the contarctions started immdly. And they were so strong and very close together. And this went on and on and on for the whole afternoon and then sometime late in the night early morning I couldn’t cope anymore and asked for an epidural. And then around 9 next morning I was fully dilated but the baby high up and then we had to wait and I was praying pls no c/s or some other scary thing and then finally they told me I could start pushing and I had the baby in around 3-4 pushes. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world and couldn’t be more perfect. But I’m pregnant again now and am wondering what to do if my water breaks again. I live in the south of France and everyone here is unanimous about going to the hospital immdly if it happens again. I was also told not to eat or drink anything once labour started. Whereas in all your posts and videos I see women eating. I just so wanted a little sip of water which I couldn’t have. I read your artcile on this. It was very useful. I would like to know how to discern if the water means hosp or not. Quantity of meconium or blood etc. I really want to do it naturally this time at least. Are there any scintific studies or sites or info out there? Thank you so much and congrats on your VBAC btw. I think it’s fantastic.


Thanks for creating the blog, it is very helpful. I have a question about nourishment after the waters break. My wife’s waters broke early this morning (1am); it was clear and not a gush, maybe 2 ounces but she has been going to the bathroom when she feels more running out of her. There was no blood during the initial break but the second time, or rush of fluid brought a small amount of blood. The baby’s fine; he’s moving around plus I heard his heartbeat when I put my ear to her belly (as I’ve been able to during the latter weeks of pregnancy). We called my wife’s OBGYN when the waters broke and he told us to monitor and get back to him. He has been very cooperative with us about our natural birth wishes.

As we sit (or walk around) and wait we are wondering what my wife should consume during this “down time”. She doesn’t want to eat anything that will be trouble down the road during delivery whether it’s natural or Cesarean. Any suggestions?

Thanks again!


Today is 6/20 which is my due date I am now 40 weeks pregnant and feel constant pressure for the past 3 weeks. I went to the hospital yesterday because i thought that my water broke. I’ve been feeling constant wetness and having a lot of discharge for 2 days now… well after seeing my underwear was soaked i automatically thought “o no, my water broke” and went in. It turns out it wasn’t a rupture and i have not been having regular contractions so they sent me home. This is my 4th pregnancy and i have not ever dealt with this before my other 3 were pretty much right on time and i knew right away This one with all the constant pressure and unusual signs i’m not sure what to think. I know that every pregnancy is different but my doc wont really feel me in on much he’s kind of the do what he needs to do and leave type of doc. I’m just looking for some input. I’m not trying to rush anything just a little worried about what’s going on.thanks

I am 38 weeks and have been sent to labor and delivery by my doctor twice when my baby boys heart rate in utero was 110. The hospital ends up sending me home…should I be worried?

I did a search on “scratching the membrane” on your website and did not see any results. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on that. I will be at 40 weeks on 7/21/11 (thursday) and I am on the low side for amniotic fluid, although not below the critical point. I would prefer to wait for spontaneous labor, but I wonder if I am increasing some sort of risk to the baby if there is low fluid. Personally, I don’t think the baby is under any stress or risk. All observations show good results (movement, breathing, placenta transfer). I just wonder how intrusive scratching the membrane is viewed and what differences you’ve seen in your experiences with this in how labor progresses.


Hi there! I just read the article “When Your Water Breaks Before Labor Begins” and thought it was very informative and helpful.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I noticed that I’ve been going through a lot more pantiliners the last couple days, so last night when I was on the toilet I decided to get my little mirror out and take a look. There was milky liquid leaking out. I waited a few minutes and then took another look- the liquid seemed to be continuous, and when I pushed a little on my vagina it seemed to increase.

This evening I took another look, and same story. But today when I gave a little push to the exterior some clear liquid came out also. I feel like I’m consistently leaking yesterday and today- when I look at my pantiliners the liquid seems to be clear and/or yellowish.

I’m wondering if you think my water is leaking? I also know that vaginal discharge can increase towards the end of pregnancy, and frankly I’ve always had a ton anyhow. So is that what this is and I just never realised it was continually leaking because I never looked?

if you was in a car accident and you start to bleed after and then come in to the hosptial they tell you the babys cord is under them and then they tell you your water has broke how long can the baby make it

What are your thoughts on castor oil?

Hi Amy,
My husband and I are expecting twins in April 2012. This is our first pregnancy and we are extremely excited. We’re currently working/living in Ulsan and are hoping to find a doula to support us through this journey.
If you can recommend someone within our area/Busan, we’d greatly appreciate it!


Hi Trinh. My wife is expecting our third son at the end of July and I was wondering if you had any success in finding a doula in Ulsan area.

I stumbled upon your Q/A section and it was very informative. Am 42wks overdue and am concerned for my baby. My doc is of the opinion that i should be operated on since i have fibroids in d lower part of my abdomen,am really very tired and confused, and i need to know if i should go for the operation or wait for a while. Pls help

how long is too long for labor after water broke? It has been 32 hours now and very slow progress on contractions. my best friend is Home birthing with a Doula. thx

I am a foreigner in Seoul South Korea, I am pregnant and looking for a hospital and a doctor who supports VBAC.

I have stumbled upon your web page while researching. You have done a TON of researching so I am hoping you might be of help to us. I am pregnant with our 11th child. I have had 2 section with babies #1 and #9 and 8 VBACs. I had an u/s done recently that revealed my c-section scar to be thin. I was planning a homebirth. From your research/knowledg do you consider VBAC dangerous with a thin scar? Can the thickness of the lower uterine segment change from one pregnancy to the next? Technically, I thought that my risk for rupturing went down since I successfully VBACed my 10th child. Is it possible that the pregnancy and/or labor altered it to a more dangerous situation? I would appreciate any thoughts that you have. It is so terribly hard to get a straight, unbiased, honest answer. Thank you!

Ack!! Please remove my last name from my previous comment! I did not realize it would post it for all the world to see! Thank you.

ok doula so im a veil baby 9 oct 1987 according to astrology i was born under the kings stars and i have perminint luck on my life but sometimes if not used correctly i may suffer but always guarded by gaudian angels im 24 and still wonder to things in thoughts wer they come from y im pulled to certain people and y i feel energy been drawn from me that i over heat or loose heat ending ice cold blueness i cry for no reason i say things that i dint expect i see far deeper than anyone i always now whats happening next i am always right no one can defeat me in any area its caused major issues in my life but it brings great sadness i feel like im the worlds warrior and have to take care of everything and without asking its placed in my lap it keeps me awake for days has my nervous system in bubbles i get nausias i pick my phone up before it rings i control light i picked that up at 13 years i don’t like the dark its a phobia people fall in love with me male n female to extends of lust and jealousy and aggressiveness im very strong in my faith both parents have it n explained here and there but its super natural we all now this whats is my purpose for possession

Hello! I’m 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and am going for another all natural birthing experience. I do prefer to deliver in hospitals “just in case” and though my last delivery went perfect I remember them giving me pitocin after I’d delivered (and no they didn’t even tell me!). I know that it can help with hemorrhaging and that it helps shrink the uterus…but doesn’t breast-feeding do the same thing? It was very painful for me, especially when they rubbed my belly down. What I’m trying to ask is, is it necessary? Are there any other negatives besides the severe cramping? And are there alternatives? I have also heard that it can interfere with our body naturally producing oxytocin…is this true? Any information would be helpful! Going in to a hospital to deliver can be rough because they are always pushing things on you and I want to be able to feel confident in my decisions. Thank you so much.


Hello, thank you in advance for your time, I would like to know how much fluid is it normal to leak after your water breaks without any sign of labor? and is it likely to happen twice? this is my second pregnancy and the first ended up in c-section cause I didn’t know any better, thank you, I did have blood and it was lots of clear, no smell fluid like 3 or 4 times down my legs, I want to be prepared. love the posts.

Hi Amy,

Hope u n ur beautiful babies are well. I am 38 weeks and 4 days old pregnant. my height is 4.feet 11 inch. Dr. s have doubt on my having a normal delivery because of my short stature. still now I don’t have any kind of problem. does short stature really effect.on normal delivery… if it is.. why… can u please tell me????

Farhana Abir

When I go pee and I wipe it is a yellowish color sometimes but I’m not so sure if its just urine or meconium? My urine is most always clear.

My water broke like 15 hours ago. And it is still trickling up till now. I went to the hospital after 5 hours and my vagina was examined. The doctor told me to wait at the hospital for 3-4 hours to see if I would fall into labour. When I didn’t I was told to go home. I am still at home.

I have been deemed a high risk pregnancy because I am on a blood thinner (fragmin). I absolutely want a dula present at the birth and am afraid that I will not be allowed the dula in the high risk unit. I live in Ontario Canada. Does anyone know if a dula can be present?

Hello my name is Rochelle my water broke and i went to the hospital but they did not have a delivery ward for babies and I went home with my babys father who said lets look into finding the right hospital female doctor in particular. I was told that during this time my baby was not able to breathe cuz I did not get to the hospital until the next morning. He was born 24 weeks at 14 oz. He is now having speech and developmental delay issues. He was on the news everywhere they called him the miracle baby. I was wondering if he wasnt breathing when my water broke how did he breathe during that long period of time before getting to the hospital? Also, he went to the neurologist and he said all of his blood tests came back normal and there is nothing genetically proving the reasons for the speech and developmental delay either, can you make sense of this? I really appreciate your response.Thank You so very much.

Please do you know of a natural birth doctor, midwife, or doula in the Gwangju area? My daughter is expecting her first baby, and she would really like as natural a birth as possible. Her Korean is not good. Any help greatly appreciated. Karen


I heard a story the other day about a mother who’s baby was breech. She went into labor for 12 hours, got to 9 cm and then the labor stopped progressing. They didn’t want to use medications to speed it up (wanted all natural birth) and after a few hours of no progression they had a c-section. Was it necessary for them to have a c-section without waiting longer? Stories like this scare me because I feel like it was a hasty/pushed decision to have a c section after only a few hours of no progression. What are your thoughts? Would it have progressed had they let it happen naturally? Thanks!

What is the effect on subsequent pregnancies when water is artificially broken? Can this cause the membranes not to naturally rupture in future labors?

Kept searching for such voos advice on delivery and labour.. so couldn’t stop asking for some advice.
I am 38 weeks pregnant with 22 November as my due date. Previously I delivered a baby girl C-section as I was not dialating even after pictocin, which now I believe shouldn’t have happened. Doctor advised me not to get up from bed and it was horrible horrible pain.
Now 2nd time pregnant… my do for is advising for c section because she said that my scar would create problem for vaginal birth and that too before my due date. I was adamant and didn’t go for it and said that I will wait till my due date and go normal delivery without inducing..
From last week I was having lot of pain in pain and even pubic pain.. it comes and goes..but doctor did a internal checkup and told me I have not dialated and should go for c-section as my previous pregnancy was c section.. but really really want a vaginal birth and my doctor keeps on telling me for surgery… is it true that previous c section scar can create problem for this delivery? she said if labour didn’t progress even after my water breaks I will not be induced bcoz of the scar… I think not inducing was good to hear.. but really confused now… but read Ur article that after water break I will of rush to the hospital for sure…
Right now doc said that my baby is in posterior position with had down. I do all work at home which I feel comfortable to do to keep me active.I usually sleep on my left side but return to sleep in right side too.. i avoid sleeping straight. Can u please advice what I should do. Still 2 weeks to go. As I live in India no midwife or doula to help. Waiting eagerly for your suggestions….
– Divya Mhatre.

Kept searching for such advice on delivery and labour.. so couldn’t stop asking for some advice.
I am 38 weeks pregnant with 22 November as my due date. Previously I delivered a baby girl C-section as I was not dialating even after pictocin, which now I believe shouldn’t have happened. Doctor advised me not to get up from bed and it was horrible horrible pain.
Now 2nd time pregnant… my do for is advising for c section because she said that my scar would create problem for vaginal birth and that too before my due date. I was adamant and didn’t go for it and said that I will wait till my due date and go normal delivery without inducing..
From last week I was having lot of pain in pain and even pubic pain.. it comes and goes..but doctor did a internal checkup and told me I have not dialated and should go for c-section as my previous pregnancy was c section.. but really really want a vaginal birth and my doctor keeps on telling me for surgery… is it true that previous c section scar can create problem for this delivery? she said if labour didn’t progress even after my water breaks I will not be induced bcoz of the scar… I think not inducing was good to hear.. but really confused now… but read Ur article that after water break I will of rush to the hospital for sure…
Right now doc said that my baby is in posterior position with had down. I do all work at home which I feel comfortable to do to keep me active.I usually sleep on my left side but return to sleep in right side too.. i avoid sleeping straight. Can u please advice what I should do. Still 2 weeks to go. As I live in India no midwife or doula to help. Waiting eagerly for your suggestions….
– Divya Mhatre.

When my baby its first born,is it necessary to have the silver nitrate ointment put onto his/her eyes??? Also im considered very low risk I’ve been completely healthy my entire pregnancy with no problems and the baby moves frequently.

Hello Doula Momma,

I am a 2nd time mom and the first time didn’t go that bad – 23 hrs of labor that I did mostly at home – following my OB’s instructions, then leaving for the hospital once I saw the discharge for the opening of the cervix…(If i recall properly)…I was out of the delivery room in about an hour.
However, during one phase of the labor process – the one that started once I got to the hospital, I felt this feeling of losing control and of being in danger suddenly and left to myself on my own – this disconnect got me in a panic mode that I DO NOT want to see repeating, because it mainly has been the cause of my fears for this 2nd preg. I have so far gotten past these feelings, more by living in DENIAL – which isn’t the right approach. the soon to be 2nd baby arrival pains have started now (I’m full term now), so the denial technique isn’t working as well anymore…

Do you have recommendations or explanations as to what happened to me? I am the kind of woman who wants to be aware of EVERYTHING and this SURPRISE did mess my ‘self-control’ such that the entire delivery phase was more done under panic, than under peace and -some level of- calm…

Any recommendations on how to handle these feelings of losing control, feeling alone, and completely in panic mode? I’m due very soon, and came across your blog – that has been very useful, so I’d really appreciate your input on these issues.

Also, aside from Yoga techniques, do you have any other suggestions for relaxation that I could consider?
Any particular moves I should do at this stage or avoid?
What other things should I look out for, that could come as a surprise on my 2nd birth? My mother is a bit of a panicking-mode birthing partner, so anything I could do to help reduce all the panicking environment could be of great help!

Plus this 2nd blessing is a bit on the larger size than the first (for which I had an episiotomy) and couldn’t sit properly for about 1.5 weeks….

Hi am just so curious I had a my first cs with my three baby due to low hearth rate, slight temp, swollen cervix an not dilating at 51/2 cm. I was at 4cm at 1130Am at 1000pm I was only 51/2 the nurses tried putting me on my left side but baby wouldn’t tolerate it I end up with a epi the pain was unbearable. They have to put oxygen on me. My DR came in at 1000pm an said my cervix is worse an that am not progressing I was not sure as to when my water break but I think it when I was in the assessment room going back and forth to the room. I ask my DR to give me an hour to talk with my husband she tell me it was too long anyway within 15mins we decide to have the c/s do u think I made a bad choice I should have waited? I was only thinking about the baby coming out safe but thinking back now I think I should have waiting. When the baby was out her oxygen was 70% she had poop inside of me an the meconium was in her nose an throat she had to rush to NICU

my daughter was given a large horizontal incision for 3rd cesction, and now she is having problems. Can you answer some questions for me?

Hi Amy,
I’ve decided that I finally want to enter the childbirth field, and want to get trained. I’m unsure about whether to get doula or childbirth educator certified. I can’t decide! I was wondering if you had any advice. I’m living in Busan, South Korea now as an English teacher but am getting married soon to a Korean, and with my new visa status I’d like to work in the childbirth field in Korea. What were your experiences like in doula-ing versus being a childbirth educator here? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, and, GREAT blog!

Hi! I just recently found your blog while looking for info on PROM. I love reading birth stories and any good info on pregnancy, birth, etc that I can “get my hands on”… I find it so intriguing and helpful. πŸ™‚
I was wondering if you know much about vaginal birth after a previous serious tear. I had a 3rd degree tear at my 1st birth…a homebirth that otherwise was a lovely experience… Was transported postpartum and sutured by an OB. My labor was about 9 hrs. And baby was born about an hr or so after I got the overpowering urge to push.. I never really had to try to push.. It was more a matter of trying to hold back. I wonder if the biggest reason for the tear was not due to the fact the I was recovering from the stomach flu and was probably somewhat dehydrated?? Anyway, I am now 4mo. pregnant with our 2nd. Our 1st is 21mo. I have been searching online and found a couple forums of woman swapping stories.. not overly encouraging… A handful went on to have vaginal births again with minimal or no tearing and some tore as badly or worse.. And the rest opted for c- section. It seems like there is a lot of concern for incontinence and problems later in life when there is a major tear at the first birth. However, the couple midwives I talked to, don’t seem overly concerned… They sort of seem to have the attitude of the worse case if I tear again like that, well then just get it repared again. I know obviously it’s not the end of the world and not as bad a thing as other woman have had, and although the recovery was painful and longer.. It’s more the things like incontinence and painful intercourse, etc, that worry me. Sorry to be so long winded. Just wondered if you would have any info, thoughts or suggestions?
Thank you for being a blessing to others with your blog.:-). A little side note: I see a lot of VBAC talk here..:-) Thought I’d mention that I know several ladies that have had VBACs one of which had a section for her 5th child…she had a 14inch incision and then went on to have 5 VBACs…the last one at the age of 43… And no problems! Not that you needed to know that, but hopefully just a little more support for those that are considering a VBAC.

I just noticed that i made a typing error on my email address on the last post. It is ” gmail” not “fmail”.

I wish I found your blog earlier, specially your article on “When Your Water Breaks Before Labor Begins”. My wife is 38 week now and last week that is on Saturday Dec 13, 2014 at around 8:30 PM she had slight leakage and she called the hospital. The nurse suggested we should go right away to Labor and Delivery. Around 10 PM we are at hospital maternity triage and the doctor did her examination, blood and amniotic test and said it is positive, water break. But my wife don’t have any contraction. Around 12:00 AM they admitted her and administer her 25 mg of mistropol and another after four hours. But this medication didn’t help her in causing any contraction. And they raise the dosage to 100 mg that night. There was slight increase in leakage and pinkish discharge. But no contraction.

In the meanwhile they did vagina examination by one of the doctor and said she is dilated only one and half. In the next morning, Doctor ordered pitocin 1 ml/ min for hour and gradually increase to 2, 4 and so on to 28 by the morning. So this process goes on until morning of Dec. 15, 214. And finally, around 11:00 am doctor said they give up and gave us three options:

1. Manully break the water
2. Do C section
3. Go home and wait

Since, through out our stay at hospital, our baby heart rate was strong and my wife don’t have any fever. Her vitals are normal. So we decided to go home. Today Dec. 16, 2014 we have appointment with her primary Doctor and she did ultra sound and swab test. She said, there is no problem and everything is fine. We then had stress test for 20 min. And the baby have strong heart rate and there is enough fluid. At home we have been continuously monitoring the temp and baby movements. So far everything seems fine.

Since, it is almost five days after that leakage and induction procedures, I am concerned about the induction procedure effects on baby. I tried to research future effect of mistropol and pitocin on baby and couldn’t find much information. I would be very grateful if you throw some light on this medication effect on the baby? And is secondly, what is your opinion on our wait game?

well I am plus size and 36 weeks and I feel the baby moving and turning but I never really know position she is in until I have an ultrasound. so my question is what can I do at home to better inform me what position she is in? I had an ultrasound last week and she was head down laying on her right side on my right side.

My daughter had ocular migraines with double vision many years ago. She is now in her third trimester with her second child and is having vision issues. She is having fluttering behind the eye, almost double vision, and general fuzziness quite often each day. We are hoping it’s not serious and do not want medication, etc. Any suggestions. She has a midwife appointment soon and will check bp and urine. Hopefully, all will be well with that. Thanks

Hello, I had an episiotemy after I gave birth to my son and I am having sensitivities after sex with some tears even after almost 4 years. Is there anything I can do to stretch the area or make it more pleasurable afterwards?

Thank you.

Hi. Is it true that if i move around after my water breaks, then the cord Can wrap round my baby’s neck.
With my first i was made to lie down for a whole (painful) 12 hours after my water broke.

I already have 2 kids. Natural births, no medications. First one was almost 6 lbs, and I had a 2nd degree tear. Second one was almost 7 lbs, and I had a 3rd degree tear. Both births were quick.

First birth they coached me on when to push. Second birth I was in charge. I am pregnant with a boy this time. I am afraid that I will tear again. The scar tissue is still painful. Trying to decide between c-section or a vaginal delivery. Any insight is appreciated.

in my first pregnancy i had preclampsia the baby was aboted in nine month than my second pregnancy i had preeclampsia in seven fifth month, 33 weeks 5 day a girl baby borned in 1.32kgs. now I planned my next pregnancy please tell me treatment and prevention of pre-eclampsia.

Hi Man,
I am NARESH from india would like to discuss on the things what happened during my wife delivery time might be use full for others to know.

Our due date was 23 Sep 2016 ( as per the ultra sound scan w.r.t LMP date). But doctors have given a date as 7 Oct 2016 and told us any time between 23 Sep till 7th Oct delivery can happen.

At 22nd Sep my wife observed some white discharge kind of thing and went hospital. Doctor said it is fine and no problem then my wife came back to home. At 23rd Sep night at 10.30pm water has broken and went out full water like any thing. By observing this my wife immediately went to hospital at 11.00 pm. Doctors did injections after that my wife was getting pains and slowly increasing by the time 24th Sep 6AM pains increased like any thing cannot explain about my wife’s pains. Doctor has checked my wife total three times since last night 11PM till next morning 6AM and noticed that my baby head is at right side of my wife’s womb and baby legs at left side of my wife’s womb. Then doctor said there is no water available in you and baby is not turning in to position and head is at same position since last night (baby heart beat was fine). Because of this doctor said that waiting more time is no use and time waste and risk also involved so better to go for c section. By listing doctor words we agreed for c section with so much painfully as we wanted to have a baby naturnaturally. After c section doctor said that my baby neck rounded with cord.

Doctor waited only 7 hours after waters break.
Even though my baby heart beat was fine and my wife having severe pains doctor take a call for c section by only one reason that baby head is not turning in to position as doctor observed at same position for long time as I stated at above and considered dry birth.

As I was not prepared for this kind of situations earlier and was speech less when doctor took a call for c section.we simply agreed.

Could you please tell us what doctor had taken c section call was that correct decision at that time. How much time we still would have been waited for normal delivery. Your advices on these my questions would help others to deal with the situation what had been faced by us.

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