I am not medically trained. The opinions and views expressed in this blog are not necessarily the opinions and views of any of the organizations that I am affiliated with. I will try my best to provides links to the information that I am discussing. Remember, your body and your baby are your responsibility. While I am trying to bring about a level of awareness on many topics, it is your responsibility to get the correct information so that you can make the most informed and educated decisions that you possibly can. Don’t rely on a blog to do it for you!

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4 Responses to “Disclaimer”

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I am currently a nursing student and was wondering if we could speak privately. I have a great interest in becoming a midwife and would love to pick your brain if you wouldn’t mind. I have 3 adopted South Korean children and have hosted 2 young women for student exchange from Korea as well. Do you speak the language or do you promarily work with military families. I’d love to chat more with you. Good luck with your test in April and have a happy & healthy pregnancy!

Sure Stephanie. My email is amyncarter at msn dot com

I primarily work with military families. I do not speak Korean. I have worked with some of my American clients in a Korean hospital and have not found the language barrier to be a big deal. Most Korean professionals have at least a little English and i have been here long enough to decipher the accent better than most.

Feel free to email if you want to talk.



If you are not medically trained, then leave the advice to those who are! There is a reason people go to medical school to become doctors and deliver babies. They don’t go to school for 16 years for people like you to blog about stuff that could potentially harm unborn children or the mothers. This isn’t a fashion blog or something like that. Leave it to the professional.

Hi Joe Bob,

If you actually read any of this blog you will then realize that none of it is medical advice. I do not advise anyone on what they should or should not do. I only share information as I have found it, all cited and documented.

Thanks for your concern,


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