I Think My Nursling Is Weaning

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And I am happier about it than I thought I would be although I am a little sad too. Graham has been down to two nursings a day for months now. He did it on his own. Sometimes he would nurse three times but mostly just twice. He would always nurse in the mornings, he HAD to, it was his coffee and then once in the afternoon. For the last week he has only nursed in the morning. He never asked at any point during the day. Then today, he didn’t ask this morning and never asked at any point. I can’t believe it really because that morning nursing has always been such a big deal to him. I am almost 14 weeks pregnant so maybe it tastes different, he never acted like it did though. Maybe there isn’t enough, I haven’t been very good about taking pre-natals and I don’t eat much. Maybe it’s just time. He just turned 21 months on the 5th (REALLY????!!!).

I had intended on nursing through the winter and weaning him at two, which will be in April, but I suppose if he is done then great. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding through the second year and I was hoping to continue those benefits. I believe child led weaning is the best method but I was going to gently encourage him in the hopes that by the time the new baby is born he would be done. Of course, I was mentally preparing to nurse both for a while because I didn’t want to upset Graham by weaning him then nursing a new born in front of him, that’s kind of mean.

Now if only potty training was that simple….


A week after this was written it seems that my son is weaned. Over the next week, he only asked to nurse after waking up in the morning one time. A couple of mornings he was fussy and whiny like something was off (like not nursing) but he didn’t ask and I didn’t offer. He didn’t ask at any point throughout the day either. The last few days he’s woken up in the morning without so much as a thought of nursing. I guess it’s official, we are done! I am a little sad it’s ending but glad to finish this pregnancy without breastfeeding. I am also glad that I won’t have to worry about breastfeeding jealousy because by then he would have been weaned nearly six months. I was prepared to tandem nurse if necessary but I am kind of glad he weaned himself on his on when he was ready. I  feel accomplished!

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12 Responses to “I Think My Nursling Is Weaning”

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I kind of wish my daughter would be done. She’s four and two was the minimum but I NEVER expected to go this long. I even left for a month and she went right back to them when I came back. She had been down to twice a day for a long time herself, not really by choice but because I was staying with family who felt that my nursing a three year old was too much. I was at least able to get away with it a couple of times a day because we would be in the bedroom to do it. Now, she’s down to once a day because after a major nursing session earlier this week, she made me so sore that I just couldn’t take it anymore so I’ve cut her down to nighttime, just before bed. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when the baby comes. I’m trying to prepare her but I’m kind of hoping she’ll be done too.

Eating has been good because if I don’t eat, I get nauseous but I can’t handle prenatals. I keep asking her and she keeps telling me there’s milk in there. We’ll see, I guess!

I am the opposite from you, I eat and I get nauseous. This baby will not let me over eat, which is a good thing I guess as far as over gaining. I gained 65lbs with Graham. But on the other hand, I really probably need to get more food in. I have only gained a pound so far but oddly enough I look fatter in the middle!

You daughter is at a better age to talk to about it all and to prepare her and maybe nudge her into weaning. Karen probably can give you some advice on that since she’s kind of done it already. I wasn’t sure how I’d do it with my son because he is definitely not the age of reasoning with.

I’ve been trying to but she’s stubborn. lol It took me two weeks just to get her to agree that she’s four and not three, she REFUSED to let us say she was four and kept holding up three fingers. I’m afraid she’s a lot like her mom. I honestly did not think she was going to nurse after I was gone a whole month but she went back on like I hadn’t been gone at all. Only difference was the pain, nursing is definitely ouchy! I think I would be okay with her nursing if she wasn’t so pushy about it but she is and wants to nurse all the time. I wonder at times if it wouldn’t be a benefit to me to keep going because I had so many issues with HER as an infant as far as pain. I’m really hoping that won’t be an issue this time around though. Breastfeeding is VERY important to us here and formula is not an option. Too many of my nieces and nephews have had issues with it and I had issues on formula as a baby (which led my mom to give my younger sister mostly raw goat’s milk when she was born about five years later).

Another thing I worry about with giving birth in a hospital, too many hospitals do not have breastfeeding friendly policies and that really came through when I had my daughter. We were basically threatened and coerced into our daughter getting an ounce of formula in the hospital and I know it ended up that way because of their crappy policies from the get go and the lack of help I got after my cesarean with nursing her. Since I’m VERY likely to have a big baby (not too big but probably over 9 pounds), I do not want that to be the case again.

Pregnancy weaning is great, very gentle. Ian totally weaned about 6 weeks before Eva was born but I left he restart. If we didn’t have to travel back to Korea and move apartments, I wouldn’t have let him restart.

Take those prenatals and start your Brewer Diet!

It is gentle, I agree. I guess they just kind of get the point a little easier when you are pregnant again. Of course, he wanted to nurse this morning but it was for only about five minutes. I think Ian weaned so close to Eva’s birth it was easier for him to restart, that’s what I was worried about with weaning Graham so close to my due date. Fingers crossed I don’t have to worry about it though.

Oh and I know, I am working on it! Dr. Chung had organic prenatals (yay!) so I am about to start them. I wasn’t going to do them at all until he told me what kind he had. I started rethinking it though when I realized I wasn’t getting enough food. I eat but small portions only at meal time. This baby does not like for me to get full, it makes me sick and I still fight some nausea in the afternoon. But I am about to be in my second trimester (next week, already???) so I am going to start doing Brewer’s full time, or at least make a bigger effort. That was my original goal as I didn’t need and couldn’t have eaten that much food anyway. I am still not sure I can get that much in but at least the protein is a start.

I’m definitely trying to get more protein in too, hubby has been picking up beef for me, I can’t stand chicken right now (usually can’t when I’m pregnant for some reason) and he won’t buy pork so beef it is. lol I need to get more eggs in though and definitely more veggies, I’m SO bad about that but I’m at least eating apples! Unfortunately, most foods with any kind of a smell turn me off, couldn’t even eat potatoes this time around but I’m able to get brown rice down so that’s becoming a staple for me.

I have to watch prenatals though because I’m VERY sensitive to the iron in them (it’s sort of in my family and I guess I had issues on formula as a baby partly because of iron). I’ve also read that prenatals actually aren’t good to take! Ugh, it’s SO hard to figure out what to do when you have one side saying one thing and another side saying another!

Janeen, have you heard of the Brewer’s diet? Here are a of my posts on it…




And yes, there is conflicting info out on prenatals. The general consensus is that while they may not be necessary they can be a good back up for when proper diet is hard to achieve. I do not like commercially (and chemically) processed vitamins and was going to forgo them completely (as I am going to be doing Brewer’s full on starting the 2nd tri) but Dr. Chung has organics and only recommends organics as well so I got them. Last week. And still haven’t started them! Eeesh. I need to get on that. You could order organic prenatals online though and probably cheaper than what Dr. Chung sold them to me for.

Aw, it is bittersweet. 🙂 As for the potty training, try ECing next time even if only part time, it has made the transition from diapers to full time potty SOOOO much easier. 🙂

You are so right Jessica, I think EC is the way to go. I am about to start letting Graham run around naked.

that’s great he did it himself. i had wanted to go longer with JJ but he kept biting me (HARD). i was so afraid i would end up seriously injured, so i cut him off around 13mo. ah well…

If Graham had been biting me like I may have had to rethink it. Thankfully his biting phase was before he actually go his first tooth, which wasn’t until almost a year old. There were a couple of times he kind of bit down but I told him NO! and it scared him so he never did it again.

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