Adventures in Potty Training

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Graham is 21 months old and we are potty training full time. We began a little back when he was 13 months old. he would pee in a solo cup. He was fascinated with watching himself pee and every time I would take his diaper off to take a bath, he would pee in the floor so I started putting a solo cup under him to catch it. He thought it was fun so I kept doing it. Every time I’d change his diaper I would do it.

In October I finally bought a potty chair and he loved using it the first few weeks. He did very well and would even poop in it and occasionally tell me when he had to go. I just thought I had it made. But after a few weeks the newness and fun of it wore off and he started hating it. I use pre-fold cloth diapers and would have him wear one without a cover to make it easier to get on and off but still I think he hated that whole process. He has always hated diaper changes so I thought maybe if I got training pants it would be easier since we would only have to pull them up and down.

I did my homework and settled on the Imse Vimse training pants. They are super soft organic cotton and they are very absorbent. I know that training pants aren’t supposed to do the work of a diaper and I didn’t expect them to, but I did want something that would hold up to nap time without leaking. I thought it was counterproductive to put him in a diaper for nap time. Boy do they hold up! He can have a full bladder release and not the first sign of a leak. He has had poop accidents as well that didn’t come out at all. Combined with how soft they are, for the price they are completely worth it. They are $14 a pair but I justify the cost in that a pack of disposable pull ups would be at least that much and would only last a few days. These training pants will work for us until Graham can get through the night without wetting the bed, however long that may be. The fit is great but he will be able to wear them for another year or more even.

So armed with training pants, I was ready to retackle potty training. It’s been working but since he doesn’t tell me when he has to go, if I don’t stay on him, he does wet his pants and he doesn’t care if he is wet so he just sits in it. I decided to start letting him run around naked and that has helped also. He hates getting wet so midstream he stops peeing and I tell him to get on his potty and he runs for it.

The poops on the other hand, OH crap. Literally. He just doesn’t want to go on the potty. But he hates pooping on himself naked so he starts to poops and runs to me to tell me “poo poo!!!” at which point I tell  him to sit on the potty (while I clean up what he left behind, gross!). And he sits and sits and sits but no poop. Then he gets up and guess what, he starts to poop again a few minutes later and the whole process starts again. It’s tempting to just put a diaper on him to let him get it all out and be done with it but that’s not sending the message I want him to get so for the last two days, I have been cleaning lots of little poops off the floor. I feel like I am training a puppy. We are getting somewhere though because he actually did get a little in the potty today. I am sure he still has some more to get out so I am watching him closely for poop cues so I can get him on the potty before it ends up on the floor. I just wish I knew how to get him to relax enough on the potty to just let it all go at once.

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6 Responses to “Adventures in Potty Training”

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Going pretty well for us. We started last month, when he started to imitate hubby as he was going to the bathroom. We are using the Potty Scotty training pants b/c they are the same style as hubby’s boxer briefs and Baryck loves them. He says “No No diaper. Big boy pants” We got a urinal that attaches to the toilet and peeing is just fine. He will run to the bathroom himself…now pooping is another story. He does not want to sit on the potty (little or big) and that makes it very difficult to poop in it!

Yes, not wanting to sit on it to poop does make it hard! That’s similar to what we are going through. I like the Potty Scotty boxer briefs and thought about getting some as well. My husband also wears b.b.’s (hehe, bet he’d love me sharing that!) but I’d already ordered the IVs when I saw the PSs. I have also thought about getting a urinal but he seems fine peeing in the potty chair and since he sits to pee I am hoping it will eventually lead to sitting on the potty to poop as well. he went over to the potty and I thought he had to pee–pulled the pants down and he pooped on the floor! He just does not want to sit down on any type of potty!!! He was so proud that he pooped on the floor too LOL!!! I guess I should count my blessings that he’s peeing consistently. We were given a bunch of bummis training pants and two potty scottys–one cloth and one waterproof. I do not like the bummis at all–too loose of a fit–almost like a really loose diaper and Baryck is solid! Ended up buying more of the PS and are really happy with them. I love the prints on the IVs too! The little girl that I watch occasionally is two months older than Baryck and is in Pull ups. Those things are terrible….too absorbent like a diaper!!

That’s kind of funny Kelly. When Graham poops in the floor he is horrified. I just don’t think he realizes he can go without actually wearing something. It’s like he can’t relax if he isn’t wearing something to catch it. GRRR. It’s enough to make me want to EC the next one. Pull ups are terrible and expensive and gross. I bet Baryck looks so cute in his Potty Scotty’s!

We lost our potty chair along with the house and I haven’t replaced it yet, but Alex LOVED to sit on it (with diaper ON lol – we haven’t officially started potty training yet but it is a resolution to accomplish before baby arrives – heaven help me if I have two in diapers!) – anyway, he loved to sit on it and read books. He also fell in love with M&Ms when we stayed with “uncle T” for a few weeks, so I’m thinking I could bribe him with those if necessary… 🙂 Good luck with it! I’m not looking forward to it at all!!

You better get on it if you want him done by the time the new baby is here! That’s my motivating force too. I figure Graham will be mostly done by then, hopefully down to training pants at night. Don’t dread it, it’s not too bad. The main thing is he has to want to do it. Graham doesn’t mind peeing but he doesn’t want to poop, therefore he doesn’t. AGHGHG. Graham likes to read on the potty too, it’s cute.

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