Client Testimonials

Nicole and Matt

I will definitely hire a doula for the birth of our next baby. Having a doula was a great experience for both me and my husband. Around 27 weeks into the pregnancy I started to realize that the baby was going ot have to come out and I got scared. I knew that it would be nice to have a natural birth but honestly I didn’t think I could actually do it. My doula educated me on just how important it could be for  me and the baby to be as natural as possible. She also offered support in the event that interventions (like an epidural)  became necessary. Not only did she support me but she also supported my husband and helped him to be an excellent coach.  My doula helped me to create a birth plan we were comfortable with and most importantly, she helped us to follow the plan and have a wonderful birth. -Nicole

I will definitely hire a doula in the future.  We were looking for someone who could help us make informed decisions about Madilynn’s birth and several other aspects of hospital procedures. Amy helped us develop a birth plan and provided tons of information and support so that we could plan a birth that we felt comfortable with and in control of. I appreciated Amy’s genuine interest and compassion illustrated by regular check ins with us by phone or email. During the birth Amy offered exactly the right amount of coaching and support while still allowing me to take the lead role as the support person. Amy was there in the perfect capacity and we both felt much more at ease with her there. I would recommend Amy to anyone considering a doula regardless of their experience or knowledge level.  -Matt


Having a doula with us while  being in another country away from my family and having our fist child  and not knowing much about the birthing/laboring process helped us to truly enjoy the experience the way that we wanted  to.  Without our doula, Amy, and the things that we she taught us and the support and encouragement she gave, things would have gone down a different road the day I gave birth to our son.

It’s the smartest thing that my husband and I could have done for us and for our baby.  It was such a key element on “labor day” to have had Amy present.  I had what I would call a very successful birth and I know for a fact that would not have been possible without a doula present.  It made the experience of birthing manageable, wonderful, amazing, and EASY for me to do what I needed to do.  I was able to concentrate on laboring and my husband was able to help me without people butting in our “space”.  I would hire a doula again and again.  I tell all my friends that are pregnant to hire a doula because it will be the best decision that they could make for themselves and their baby.

Ashley and David
I am very thankful I met Amy. I never in a million years thought about having a doula or a natural labor. This was my second birth, I was in a foreign country and I was away from my family except my husband and my daughter, so I was pretty nervous. Then, on top of that I found out I had to give birth in a Korean hospital so I was even more unsure about going through this delivery. So when I met Amy and we started talking, she put my mind at ease. She put my mind at ease and I started to realize that she was the answer to my prayers to get through my labor. She answered my questions about all the benefits of natural labor and the disadvantages of routine intervention and opened my eyes. Come to find out I couldn’t have any pain medicine anyways. She had lots of great techniques and methods to get me through my contractions since my baby was posterior. I didn’t think that I would be able to get through the pain but she reassured me that I could and I did. It was nice to have someone who knew what was going on through all the stages of labor, and to be there to explain it all to me, when the doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t. So the answer to if I would ever hire a doula again would definitely be yes, and I have already recommended her to a lot of people. I am confident to say that they will be pleased with her abilities. -Ashley

I personally don’t think that we could’ve gone through what we did if we had not have had a doula. My wife was in labor for 36 hard hours and gave birth naturally. Our doula was there when we asked her to be and stayed until the end. She was extremely helpful with my wife’s labor. Our baby was posterior through the whole labor until right before she came out somehow she turned. My wife was in unbearable pain and kept telling me that she just wanted a c-section so the baby would come out and the pain would be over. If it wasn’t for our doula I would have let her and that probably would have been the worst mistake of my life. I think that it was a blessing that we even met our doula and that she was there to help us. -David

Successful VBAC Mom and Dad
I didn’t have a doula with my first child but with my second child I had Amy and she made my pregnancy a much better experience.  She made it possible for me to feel secure in my decisions and gave me information that I was not aware of or had little knowledge of.  During the labor and birth Amy reassured me and it is thanks to her that my birthing experience was everything I was hoping for.  -Mom

This was my first child so it was great having a doula. She helped us out a lot! I felt lost but she made everything easy. I gained a lot of knowledge in this pregnancy and birth. -Dad

Lindsay and Troy
I wanted to have a doula to help me get through my labor completely naturally. The experience was far better than I could have ever imagined. Amy was able to help me not focus on the pain but to focus on getting my baby into better positioning so that I would have an easier labor. I don’t think I could have gone all the way natural if I hadn’t had Amy there to show me ways to stay comfortable and calm through each contraction. I learned so much and cannot thank Amy enough for her help and knowledge. -Lindsay

Thank you very much, I was going into this rather blindly on how to assist my wife and you helped so very much. Your suggestions and methods were amazing. -Troy

Andrea and Henry
I hired a doula to help me with information on medical intervention verses natural labor and birth, as well as  for help and comfort with coping with pain during labor. My goal was to have a natural birth with as little medical intervention as possible. Having a doula helped me mentally prepare for labor and understand the risks of different medications and possible interventions. Having a doula also helped me to be more proactive in my choices, relieve common pregnancy discomforts through exercises and overall helped alleviate anxiety and stress related to labor, pregnancy and motherhood. The actual labor progressed at a surprising rate.  I don’t believe there is any way to predict how the labor would go but I was very grateful to have a doula at my side.  I would definitely hire a doula for any future pregnancy and would fully recommend one to others. -Andrea

For an inexperienced father during the labor process, a doula is  very valuable. In a place like Korea with limited support the doula offered great advice, techniques and other helpful information to calm me and my wife. She offered support that we could not find in Korea. In the future we would hire a doula and would recommend a doula to other families in Korea. -Henry

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