Juliet’s HBAC after Inverted T

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I wrote my first two birth stories within 24 hours of birth and felt the pull to get this one out quickly as well. I think it’s probably because I’m riding birth hormone highs and it’s all fresh or it’s because each birth has been better than the last so I’m more anxious to share. Either way, I’ve had a ton of requests for this birth story and I’ve always known that I would write it so, 16 hours later, here goes…

To really understand Juliet’s birth story it helps to know my history and that starts with her brother Graham’s story. He was my first, almost 9 years earlier and was born after a difficult labor that ended in a c section with an inverted T incision rather than the typical low transverse or “bikini cut” that most c sections are. We both had a lot of emotional and physical birth trauma. I went on to have a HBAC (home vaginal birth after cesarean) with my  daughter two years later which is 6.5 years ago. I divorced later that year and wasn’t sure if I’d have more babies. I’d hoped I would, I didn’t feel done, I was only 31 at the time but I didn’t know what the future held.

I met my husband 5 years later and we married in September of 2015. We discussed having a baby but age was a factor. While I don’t really think advanced maternal age is an issue at just turning 37, my husband is 11 years older than me so starting over with a baby was a big deal. After 6 months of marriage, 2 months after an IUD removal and not actively trying to conceive (we were ovulation testing since I didn’t know what my cycle would look like after the IUD) I was pregnant anyway so we immediately switched gears from “do we want a baby?” to “we are having a baby!!!!!” Sometimes it’s just meant to be.

I started this pregnancy much healthier than my previous two. After my second baby I lost 85lbs and had become a marathon runner. I also eat a very clean diet 90% of the time. Health and wellness are important to our family so even though I was 6 years older, I felt better than I did in the previous two pregnancies. The first trimester morning sickness was a drag but passed. I quickly figured out my birth options, which were few due to my previous inverted T incision c section. The standard of care for obstetrical maternity care is a c section at 37 weeks with this type of scar. Because I’d already had a VBAC that wasn’t an option for me, I intended to VBAC again. I have a “proven scar” and “proven pelvis” and my previous VBAC, though difficult, was a much better choice than a repeat cesarean. Tony, my husband, was already on board with a home birth and we are very like minded so I had his support and I knew without a doubt that we would be a cohesive team through the pregnancy and birth.

The home birth midwives in CO can’t accept VBAC clients that have any kind of scar other than the bikini cut. There was one OB in our town of half a million people that would accept me as a patient but having already had a home birth I struggled with that idea. I reached out to a midwife that I’d talked to when I was looking for a helper for my first VBAC. I lived in Korea for my first VBAC and she had traveled there twice to help another family. Birthy people blog so I heard about her 7 years ago. I didn’t hire her to come to Korea because I ended up finding local help but when I reached out to her for this birth she agreed to travel from Montana to come help us. We had that conversation at 6 weeks pregnant. I’m a planner. Plus I just wanted to gestate in peace and knowing that was covered sealed the deal. I did have some OB prenatal care in the event that we needed to transfer during birth. I figured an established patient record would help ensure a smooth transition if that happened. I wasn’t concerned about transferring too much though. I’ve just had a history of very long hard labors so I like to cover bases. My last prenatal visit there was at 37 weeks. This pregnancy was almost text book perfect and despite getting really tired the last month or so, it was really enjoyable. I’ll miss it as much as I’m glad she’s here.

So, the big debate on WHEN the baby would come, boy or girl, size, length of labor and how long I’d push was ongoing. My first pregnancy was 41 weeks and 2 days and labor was 52 hours, 8lbs 5oz, c/s. The second was 41 weeks and 4 days,  40 hours labor plus 4 hours of pushing and 9lbs 3oz. One had a 15 inch head and the second 15.5. Birth average is 13.75….

Tony, who is a Physical Therapist with extensive visceral therapy training, had been treating my abdomen pretty much since we met and a lot after my IUD removal. I had scarring from my previous c/s and also from a diastasis recti repair (ab muscle separation, mine was really bad) 5 years earlier. Treating the scar tissue would help me have a better birth. Treating my pelvis and making sure I had good alignment was also a part of that. He took excellent care of me and between that and not gaining much weight I hardly had any aches and pains. It was a nice change from the 70 and 55lbs weight gains before and the misery I felt daily. I believe it’s also why Juliet engaged prior to labor when my first two did not. I had a baby ready pelvis, no scar tissue holding her back and abs tight enough to hold her in place in a good position. By 38 weeks she moved down and I felt like I had a bowling ball between my legs. The pressure on my cervix was intense. I’d never experienced that before. She was also in an optimal birth position, no sunny side up or funky stuff like my other two. They were never lower than a -3 station because of their presentations and big heads. Labor was hard with them because of the molding required. I never had a vaginal exam in pregnancy with Juliet so I don’t know how low she was prior to labor but we figured -1 or even 0 as it got closer.

On December 14th I started having Braxton Hicks contractions off and on all day. I never noticed them in my other pregnancies and not really in this one either until then. They’d just get really tight and come and go. On December 15th at 39 weeks and 6 days, after a crappy night’s sleep because I just couldn’t get comfortable (no ctx though) and being cranky, we got up at our usual 6:30am. I made my family breakfast like I do every day and kept having those BH contractions once I was up and moving. I went to the bathroom around 8:30am and had bloody show. Another first, I’d never had it prior to active (and hours) of labor. Within the next hour the contractions were more than BH but not painful. I could just feel then annoying my cervix a little. I went to the bathroom again and had some mucous plug come out with more show. I’d also never had plug before active labor so I wasn’t sure what it meant for me. I told Tony, who was about to leave to go work a clinic he works at one half day a week (otherwise he’d be home at our private practice). I could tell he was excited that things were happening and that he didn’t want to go but I assured him it was just warm up and it would be a while if anything happened and it could just fizzle out anyway. I decided to skip my morning walk and take a bath. I guess I was testing the contractions and figured if it was just BH that a bath would make them stop. Tony left and I was in the bath at 8:45am.

I spent about 45 minutes in the tub. I didn’t notice any contractions while I was in there. I got out and they came back, still annoying my cervix but not painful. I posted a 40 week belly picture on FB because I figured if it was real that this was the last chance. I went downstairs to get my dog wash lady situated and my midwife was at the kitchen table. This was at 9:40am. She’d arrived three days earlier from Montana. She came earlier than I’d asked because of bad weather potential and midwife intuition. I was convinced that the baby wouldn’t be here until closer to 41 weeks but was glad she was here, it’s a long drive and it was nice to spend some time with her. She and I chatted, I ate again and I told her about the contractions, show and plug. We timed a few and they were coming regularly at 3-5 minutes apart. My last labor started hard and furious so even though these contractions were close they were only about 30 seconds long and not painful. I decided to try to take a nap.



I put on my Hypnobabies fear clearing track and didn’t sleep. The contractions were coming easily  3 minutes apart and while still not painful were more than just BH. The cervical pressure was more intense. I texted Tony an update. I FB messaged some friends. I decided to get up and put on a full face of makeup. While I was doing that I realized I was in real labor. It was early labor, I could still walk and talk through contractions but it was happening. Tony called and we talked about what was happening and decided he should still go run errands he’d planned. I just knew it would be a while before things ramped up.

Tony got home at 1pm. I was so glad, I was fine but just wanted him home. We ate some lunch and chatted. The contractions were still consistently coming every 3-4 minutes. I decided to try once more to take a nap. That wasn’t happening, I couldn’t handle laying down anymore. It was getting too intense. I decided to put on my labor clothes: my black Bravado nursing bra and my night gown. We hung out in our upstairs office area and I put my Hypnobabies Easy first stage labor track in my ear. Tony ran around the house getting a few things done and went to meet Graham and Stella walking home from school. For me, getting them home was the last big thing that needed to happen. Tony told them the baby was coming soon and they both kind of sheepishly came upstairs to see me. We had talked about what would happen, how the baby would come out and watched birth videos but at 6 and 8 they were still a bit nervous. We hugged and kissed and took pictures of my last day as a mama of 2 and then they happily ran off to rot their brains on their tablets.

The contractions were picking up in intensity and I had to concentrate through them. I sat on my birth ball for a while but the pressure in my crotch was too much. I kneeled on the floor and rested my upper body on the ball. We had music playing and a song came on that made me cry. Tony just sang and rubbed my back. I should have recognized that was labor really picking up speed. I kept having to pee a lot and the contractions were coming 3 minutes apart. In my head there was still a lot of time ahead of us. I started standing for the contractions. It was the most comfortable position, leaning over my desk and standing. Tony had gone downstairs to get me some water and the midwife asked how things were. We were happy with our privacy and she was respecting that. She told him what kind of noises to listen for from me and to come get her if I do xyz. He told her I wasn’t making noise and we haven’t even filled up the birth pool yet. She told him the baby didn’t care. We all got a good laugh.

When he came back up stairs we decided to go ahead and fill the pool. I wasn’t sure I was ready to get in just yet but I knew it would take a while to fill. The water pressure just wasn’t cutting it though and it was coming out a quarter of what it should have. My contractions really seemed to increase in intensity but weren’t super long but I was really starting to work and breath through them. I had 3-4 four that instead of kind of standing and rocking my hips through them and lightly squatting into them, that I came up on my toes and bared down against them. I didn’t think I was pushing and I wasn’t have the overwhelming pushing contractions that I’d had last time. I was just trying to make it easier to get through.













I then felt something….

I felt something in my vagina. It didn’t make sense to me. I put two fingers in and felt something. I wiggled it back and forth between my two fingers. It was kind of long and thin feeling but not like the umbilical cord but not like a bulging amniotic sac of water either. Tony was still messing with the pool and I told him I felt something to go get Ollie (the MW). He was like “HUH?!” Really same as me but he RAN down the stairs and Ollie was up the stairs before I even knew it. She couldn’t see from my standing/bending over position so we went to my bed. Tony ran and turned on the bath tub assuming that I’d just get in there if something was coming out. I got in the bed and Ollie looked and it was the water bag coming out in front of the baby. At that moment I had a giant urge to push, that I hadn’t previously had and in 2-3 pushed it came out. Ollie tore a hole in it because the head was just behind it. Tony said “Oh my God baby you’re doing it!” After the bag came out I didn’t want to push the baby out. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t prepared. It was happening fast, I didn’t realize it was coming and I wasn’t in the water. I did NOT want to be in the bed. I did NOT want to be reclining back with the MW and my husband watching. I wanted to be on my knees in the water so Tony could catch the baby. How did I go from thinking “This baby will probably be here by midnight, yay! Less than 24 hours labor!” to “I’ve got to push it out right now?! HERE?!” I freaked out. And I didn’t want to tear so I didn’t want to push. So I let my body just push and while she was right there I knew if I gave it a little umpf she’d come out but I didn’t want to. Instead….I screamed and huffed and puffed and arched my back and cried and was way crazier in these few pushing contractions than I was in 4 hours of pushing out Stella.


Ollie tried to tell me how to be more productive so I’d stop freaking out and just screaming through it and actually try to get the baby out. Her heart tones were fine but there was meconium. Tony was a mix of emotion, cheerleader and helper. He watched it all. I felt the head coming down. It was hard and I didn’t want it to be there, I wanted to be done. I felt the crowning. When the crowning started I decided I was done and I bared down hard and popped her head out. I asked if the whole head was out, I could see most of it and it was. The midwife checked to see if there was a cord around her neck and there wasn’t. I waited for the next contraction and pushed her shoulders out. There was a little resistance and I didn’t feel that 1 shoulder, 2nd shoulder delivery that I felt with Stella. I pushed out her shoulders at one time then the rest of her just shot out along with a TON of water. The midwife suctioned her since there was meconium in the water but as soon as she was done I was bringing her to my chest. I pushed for maybe 20 minutes max. During pushing our assistant midwife showed up. I just looked over and said hey to her and smiled at one point. She was born at 4:45pm

Tony and I were both in  the aw and oh my God that just happened state. It was a GIRL! And she wasn’t huge. She was covered in vernix which was another first. My placenta took about 45 minutes to come out. I was really over that. The contractions were uncomfortable and I just wanted it out. I pushed out about 7-8 tangerine sized clots. Actually, I shot them out and we thought it was the placenta until that happened. Finally it came out and I was much much better. It was nice to not have a retained placenta like I did last time! I felt great right away. The baby nursed for a solid 20 minutes. I took a shower and put on clean clothes and the midwives cleaned up and changed the sheets. Tony held the baby while I showered and just stared at her. Once cleaned up we ate and they did the newborn exam. She checked out perfectly. Graham and Stella were in and out once the baby was born. They didn’t come in during pushing, I’m sure it was scary, I was pretty loud but they did come up when it was over. We realized it was still early evening and decided they should go to school the next day so we made sure they ate dinner and got ready for bed. They both seemed ok with what they heard and saw.

After all was settled it was just the three of us, Papa, Mama and baby. We stared at her and talked about what happened. Tony slept a good bit. I dozed here and there. We woke up this morning and made sure the kids were ok, spent some time with them in our room with the baby and then saw them off to school. I hardly feel like I had a baby. I didn’t tear at all. I’m a little tired and a little sore but otherwise fine. We had some confusion about her birth weight but after re-weighing twice she was 7lbs 12oz, 20.5 inches long and 13.75 inch head. She was a full pound and a half smaller than my first VBAC baby, almost 2 inches shorter and head 1.75 inches smaller diameter. I had her 12 days earlier than the last one too. I went from a 40 hour labor with 4 hours pushing to 8 hours and about 20 minutes of pushing. It’s amazing how different I feel. I totally had a business hour baby!!


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Guest Post: Maria’s VBAC

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For those of you keeping up with Maria’s story on the When Your Water Breaks Before Labor Begins post, Maria has had her VBAC! She is a native Spanish speaker but was kind enough to translate her birth story so that I could read it and she gave me permission to repost her story here. She said maybe her story could help another woman. Her story hit home with me on a few levels since I just had my own VBAC four weeks ago but also because some of the thoughts and feelings and situations she had in her labor are the same as ones that I had down to having to transfer to the hospital postpartum.

Thank you for sharing your story Maria. I am very proud of you! Congrats on your VBAC and your baby! HERE is the link to her story. I’m also reposting it below.

My Baby Boy! Born By VBAC

Mariposa has a brother
This second pregnancy wasnt a surprise. After the painful experience of a c-section, I try to heal my mind and my body, wait two years to give me a second chance. I Leave nothing to the chance. If the minimum time between pregnancies had to be a year, I wait two.
When I was pregnant I was convinced that in no way I could return with the same doctor. So even before I began an exhaustive search of the doctors or clinics that supported a vaginal birth after cesarean.
On the blogs, I realized that even though some doctors seemed pro VBAC, actually end their policies betrayed and ended in Elective c-section. So I had to be very careful. I found several references to a Dr. Regina C, who attended in a clinic, but the deliveries took them within a hospital, with everything needed to help a natural birth. She also had a team of midwives who came to know well before delivery.
I made an appointment. Knowing my history told me that my c-section had been totally unnecessary and that this induction was doomed to failure because of the way it was done. Do not weigh myself. She ask me if I wanted an ultrasound, still without impositions. I left there completely optimistic.
Afther three months of  pregnancy, we had to change our country for work purposes. Now in addition to seeking a home and school, had to find a doctor and a hospital. The first two months I went in looking for a house, my daughter adjust and adapt to change. moving home, close accounts, open other, etc.
I was 7 months pregnant and just going to have my first consultation with social security. The private part was saturated for my dates. The doctor who could assist me perhaps these days would be holidays. I realized I want to have my baby in the private wing meant fewer possibilities for a natural birth by clipping services.
Social security was not bad. They took the blood and urine tests were in the same query. Never made me an ecographie. In England they make just one or two. And I was already late for that. You do not see doctors, midwives comes and touch your belly and know the baby’s position, size, if the liquid is fine, etc.
At first the spelling I have no echo was little security, but then I realized that you must thrust your body until you have real reason to think that things go wrong.
So I spent a very peaceful pregnancy. Walking a lot. Very busy with my new life. Without fear of anything. Trusting in my body.
In the public hospital they put me in contact with two midwives in charge of VBAC, vaginal birth after cesarean. I love meeting and talking with them, gave me confidence by saying that it was possible, which would let me get to 42 weeks, or a day before, did not have to be lying when I was in labor. That could take a shower. And wouldnt put time limits, but be very careful with the baby’s heart monitor my pulse etc. .. When asked if they were there they said only if the birth was Tuesday.
Finally I had an appointment with the obstetrician, but midwives canceled it because it was thought that if he would want to schedule a cesarean, so I saw it through week 39. Talk to him and see how everything was an imposition made me realize that everything was shaping up for a new caesarean. Luckily from the 36th week my husband and I had a visit to the birth center.Somewhere between home and hospital.
I did not want to give birth at home, I looked much risk, but the birth center was literally in the corner of a hospital. From the first visit one of the midwives was very interested in my case asking me questions, they said they had 80% of VBAC. I knew my chances in the hospital were 40%!
A week later, after much thought, talk with two doulas that  I contact via the Internet, we make the decision to try delivering in the birth center. So we started to have consultations with them about twice a week to make sure to meet as many of them. (they were 6 in my team)
During the 39 weeks I began to feel more flow than normal, and I thought it was broken or cracked the bag. The options were to do a test that increased the chances of an infection in case if it were broken or wait. The hospital would not let me and I would expect nothing touches.So I decided to do nothing and wait for nature to take its course.
Not expected to give birth before 42 weeks. 40 week walk a lot. I had a lot of energy. But after the damage of c-section that, I did not really believe being able to get birth alone and in my head I was thinking about the options I had if I  would have 42 weeks and not put me in labor.
I heard so many stories. Women who have never broken bag and contractions. Women who start labor but never expand enough. In order that my head was full of negative stories. Attempts impossible.
I read a lot. I wanted to convince my body that was possible. I could not understand that in God’s creation could be so imperfect. I had to let nature take its course. No inductions. I had to relax, I knew the adrenaline in my body could not let act natural oxytocin.
Week 40 +3. On Friday morning I went to get my daughter to the park, I sat in the sand to play with it. we went to the house of some friends. I went to make last minute purchases. When we got home noticed a little blood. I thought it was a bad sign, but to call the midwives told me it was the mucus plug. After two hours the contractions started. every 5 min lasting 1 min. Still it was a good pattern was not very intense so we hope to see what happened and try to sleep.At 4 am the contractions became less continuous. 1 every 10 min. So all morning. On Saturday night were more intense but every 7 min. Domingo. The contractions were up but they were more continuous. It was difficult to walk and talk at the same time. At 4pm try going to the park for a walk but it was impossible. We returned home. Contractions every 5 minutes with duration of 1 min. We call the birth center and 6pm and we were there.
We left our things. We were alone. I got into the tub immediately, with relaxing music and candles. The contractions had a good case. After it became difficult to carry them, all I could do was walk.
3 am, I thought it became increasingly more frequent, but the midwife looked at me and told me that they had no specific pattern. 6:00 a.m. and could no longer walk, I had strange feelings in my body was exhausted. I was beginning to give up. It seemed that there was extensive enough yet, (I had made no touch) but the pain was impossible to endure the fatigue I had.
I thought about the power of the mind. I thought my mind was able to do everything I wanted.The only thing left was trying to rest and find strength. I asked her to make me a “tacto” for what to expect, but the midwife who was with me that night told me to wait for the nex midwife who was to be with me the full next day.
Spend the whole morning in bed, having contractions every 5 or 4 min, very painful, which made me get all my body, I had to shake hands with my husband too hard to endure a little longer.
My mom was really worried, the contractions were very strong. The midwife kept saying they were not really a case to make a touch if I had spent the morning in bed was difficult to progress.

She said that the  option  still available was caesarean section, in the hospital inductions are not allowed to  who have had c above. So we decided to wait a little longer and see what happens.
At 3 pm we ask her to do a  tacto. She said that the bag is intact. She looks at me and tells me I have 8cm and can feel the baby’s head. I suddenly comes an energy, I do not know where. I get up, take a shower. I go out and get into the tub (birth pool) request music, candles.Contractions are becoming increasingly strong. Very intense. I try to breathe and relax. I feel the need to expel something, and had that feeling since Saturday.
During the entire time they are checking my pulse and heart of the baby and going well.
She says  to bid when you feel you need it. I try, not works, is a feeling that I had not felt before. I think in all women who undergo a cesarean innecesarea, and put even more strength to try. Water breaks and water is clean. But attempts nothing happens. Suddenly I feel the baby’s head. that gives me the strength to keep trying I keep seeing even impossible.Suddenly comes the head and the body is triggered by itself. The midwife takes it in his hands and passes it to me immediately, I put on my chest. I feel a joy indescriptible. I kiss him. He was born when he wanted., I cry.. I could not believe my God. We did it!

Postpartum Experience

After the baby was born he was put to my breast. The cord stop beating, and we left the tub. The placenta has not come out. I slept with my baby at the breast and a contraction come the midwife came pull the cord and the placenta.
The midwife was concerned that had not yet gone to the bathroom so she asked me to get up and when I did I began to feel dizzy, and when we got to the bathroom try to sit down and only heard a popping sound. I passed out. I was injected to stop the bleeding. I get to the ambulance. We went to the hospital. They saw my platelets. Apparently I lost fourth is blood in the body. Do not let me leave until the next day at night with a promise not to move in the next two weeks.
Apparently was the result of fatigue from many days of contractions, combined with oxytocin put me not to expel the placenta, which prevents bleeding. Nothing that I knew so far.
Now I’m in my room, my skin is green. I have to eat well and take a million of pills. But Im not depressed, I’m happy. Afraid of what might have happened. But now I can separate the two experiences. The happiness of having my son as I dreamed in not going to be remove for anyone.
The postpartum shock either. I think what happened makes the two births of my children fairer.It would have been hard to tell always the tragedy of my c-section and the happiness of my VBAC. Both experiences have taught me a lot. The most important thing is:  I have my two loves with me and they are fine. With the two and the two I have learned.
My butterfly is the nicest girl in the world, God has given me in my children a great blessing with which I can only be grateful for them and for the oportunity to be here to enjoy them.

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I Have Difficult Babies

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And I work so hard to get there here too! I need an outlet other than inflicting myself on my friends on Facebook so at 2am this morning, I am blogging about my ‘easy’ baby. Yes, at 2am, after walking for almost three hours, I am still calling Stella my easy baby. That’s not saying much though.

Graham was what most people would refer to as colicky. He screamed from about 6pm to 10pm every night (that’s sounding pretty good right this moment though!) and when he was awake during the day he was generally fussy and unhappy. This went on until about 10-12 weeks old and then he gradually began to relax a little. I’m pretty sure he needed crania-sacral therapy due to his birth trauma and that might have helped him a lot.

With Stella, I’m at a loss. She isn’t colicky. She is demanding. She wants to be held constantly, which I don’t mind at all and she spends a lot of  time in the Moby wrap. The Moby is where she is happiest and I love to wear my babies so it’s perfect. However, at night it is a big problem.

Take tonight for instance. She slept from about 7pm to 11pm which is a great stretch of sleep for a newborn. Unfortunately, I could not sleep then since I have a two year old and a kitchen to clean. I did get to sleep from 9pm til 11pm though. When she woke up my husband brought her to me and from 11pm until 1:30am, the only way she would not scream was if she was in the Moby and I was walking. That is VERY exhausting but I have to do it because I don’t want to wake up Josh and Graham. At about 1:30am I kicked Josh out of our room and sent him to the couch and told Stella we were done walking. She did not appreciate that very much and has pretty much been crying (screaming) ever since. I alternate holding her and laying her down and she alternates between crying and not crying. I’m hoping she will drift off to sleep soon since it’s almost 2:30am now.

The newborn days are hard but they do go by quickly. I will miss her as a newborn and I know it. I do want to enjoy this time and I am, mostly, but I’m also tired and really over being up so much at night. I don’t mind waking up several times a night for feedings and diaper changes but I have a really hard time with being up  (and walking!!!)  for 3-4 hours straight. My two year old tends to get up really early too.

I am pretty good about napping and thankfully I can. During the week Graham goes to school for three hours in the morning and most days I can nap with Stella, if she will go down. My two year old also takes a three hour afternoon nap so Stella and I get in a nap there too. I’m not well rested but I’m not a zombie so I’m functioning. Of course, I’ve had an ajuma (Korean cleaning lady who also cooked) for five days a week.. Her last full week ended Friday so I’m on my own now. She will come on Mondays to clean but day to day I’m back to doing the housework and cooking. At least I’ll have something to do while doing all this walking with Stella!

Hopefully Stella will calm down soon. I’m trying to remain peaceful and calm and ride it out. I don’t expect her to sleep through the night and don’t mind night feeding but I do wish she’d learn to go back to sleep after she eats. A two or tree hour stretch would be just fine!

EDIT: I just wanted to add that after I posted this, Stella did finally drift of to sleep just before 3am. We slept until after 8am. I’ve been saying quite a bit that it’s not the sleeping that’s the problem, she sleeps great once she gets there. It’s that she wants to be walked around for several hours in the middle of the night that’s the problem. I have to figure out how to get her resettled when she wakes, that’s the main issue.

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