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Born in the Caul

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I attended a birth last night and the baby was born in the caul. I had heard of it and seen videos of it but never witnessed it in person. The mom pushed spontaneously and without instruction in the hospital (WOW) for about an hour. She squatted through most of her active labor and also through the pushing stage. We had the bed broken down and the squat bar set up and she used it with very little assistance. During the pushing phase she was very internally focused ad quiet. She was rhythmic and surprisingly quiet as she had been vocal through most of her labor. She just found her place and went with it, it was pretty awesome to watch. The nurse and the dad were busy entering admissions data into the computer, I was sitting next to mom’s bed on a stool and her best friend was standing in front of her. After a while, the mom reached down and felt and said “I feel something.” She had had a vaginal exam about 30 minutes prior and was 9cm so the nurse looked over very surprised. I asked her if she just touched the outside or if she reached in at all and the mom said she only touched the outside. The nurse pulled the big light out of the ceiling and the mom began another push. When the nurse shined the light down we all saw the bag bulging out of her vagina and could clearly see the baby’s head behind it. The dad was amazed. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I put a mirror down so the mom could see too. The nurse said “yep, your crowning” and ran for the doctor. The doctor came in and mom was starting another push. The mom looked at me and said “It’s burning!” so I told her to stop bearing down on it. Then doc said, give me some little grunty pushes and when she did the whole baby, sac and all, came out all at once. The sac burst when the baby landed on the bed. She kind of just slid out straight onto the bed, the doc didn’t ‘catch’ her. The baby immediately started gurgling and crying so the doc put her straight to mom’s chest. It was a pretty amazing experience for everyone in the room.

The L&D nurse we had said that this was only the 2nd baby she had seen born in the caul. It is rare thought the numbers are conflicting. One article said 1 in 1000 births and another said 1 in 80,000. Being born in the caul is considered to be very special and has a lot of superstitions and myth behind it. Babies born in the caul are known as the caulbearer and THIS website dedicated to being born in the caul says this…

The birth Caul or Veil is a full face mask which may be sometimes found covering the face of a child at birth. Such births are rare and hold special significance for the child born in such a manner. There are many stories and myths about the Caul, many of them erroneous. This site is provided to give some insight to those who are born with a Caul and further promote public knowledge of the phenomenon.

The correct name for those who are born with a Caul is a Caulbearer. Such people are often referred to as being born behind The Veil, as the Caul is also referred to as The Veil in many cultures due to it being a face covering.

It should be noted that Caulbearers may be male or female and may come from any social class, racial or religious group. There are no geographical boundaries to the phenomenon. However it has been observed that Caul births do have tendencies to run in family bloodlines. Sometimes, but quite rarely, more than one member of a family–usually a parent and child–may be born with a Caul.

It has been calculated that Caulbearer births may be as few as one in eighty thousand births. However this does not necessarily mean that there may be one such birth in every eighty thousand births in a particular area or that there may not be more than one in any grouping of eighty thousand births.

The main reason why those born with a Caul were and are held in high regard is principally due to the fact that such births can be calculated in advance and the time and place of such births predicted. This marked the birth of a Caulbearer as being of particular significance, along with the fact that such people often had peculiar abilities in many diverse ways which were not commonly found in the general populace.

Caulbearers are often found to have ability in matters of finding underground water supplies, knowing when weather patterns will change, predicting when fish and other food supplies will become plentiful.

Many are great natural healers, which trait may be manifested by the laying on of their hands, or remotely from a distance. Many are considered to have great ability in matters of judgment and ruling nations and often possess insights which are difficult to appreciate by other people.

In many cultures the Caulbearers were considered to be “Kings by right,” due to the predictive nature of their births and their leadership abilities. This is one of the reasons why certain Buddhist groups, to this very day seek out Caulbearers to be brought up to become Dalai Lamas.

Throughout history the powers that be have repeatedly attempted to destroy the Caulbearers because they were seen to be messengers sent by a higher force to guide mankind in matters both physical and of a higher spiritual nature. In ancient times they were held in high regard for their knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, and therefore became known as ‘priests’ which originally simply meant ‘teacher.’ This was long before the notion of the religious priest was ever conceived.

The Caul or Veil is sometimes also referred to as “The Veil of Tears” due to the tendency of baser types of people to attack or even kill Caulbearers, often for no apparent reason — such as in the Middle Ages, when they were burned as witches and heretics, mainly by the Church of Rome.

Persons of negative character may often react to Caulbearers at a very subconscious level as they sense that there is something different about these people. There are many folk tales about “the curse of the Caul” which appears to come from the fallout of negative actions against a bearer of the Caul.

In many cultures around the world the Caul is more commonly referred to as ” The Veil,” and the word “Caulbearer” is the usual word in English speaking countries. However it should be pointed out that the word Caulbearer will generally not be found in standard dictionaries due to repeated suppression of the reality of such people as they have often been persecuted by those who wished to become kings by might rather than by birthright

Some famous people born in the caul include (I have not verified these, just found them doing a google search):

Liberace - American musician and entertainer
James Couzens - Industrialist, banker, politician
Queen Christina of Sweden
Frank Albert Jones - Black artist
Sigmund Freud
Napoleon Bonaparte
Here is a video of a homebirth in the caul. This video is pretty amazing and it is MUCH slower than the birth I witnessed last night so you really get to see what is happening.
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