Where My Advice Comes From

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I frequently get emails from women asking questions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, circumcision and all things in between. I get phone calls from random strangers or from friends of friends.  I get approached by both women I know and do not know that know I am a doula.  I always have an open ear and I always try to the best of my ability to point these women to the direction of the best information to answer their questions.

I am both a DONA trained birth doula (CD DONA) and have trained as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE). There is extensive training and worked involved in both of these designations, but especially in the LCCE. I take my exam in April and I will tell you I am preparing for it harder than I ever worked on any high school or college exam and I have an accounting degree if that gives you any indication of the amount of work I am putting into this. While it is true that I am not medically trained I am trained and have been exposed to a variety of topics pertaining to women’s and infant’s health, birth, pregnancy and breastfeeding. I do not give medical advice. When I am asked a medical question, I may give my opinion based on what I know but it is always preceded with ‘ask your doctor.’ What I do is give information, facts, data, research results and how to find this information and decipher it.

I also have spent and do spend a good bit of time talking to both OBs, general practitioners and RNs including labor and delivery nurses. When I attend a birth I ask a lot of questions about the clinical procedures carried out during the birth even it is something as simple as a charting requirement. Of course that all depends on how friendly the staff is and how open they are to sharing information but most are. They see that I am there with the sole purpose of supporting my client and that I am in no way trying to interfere with the clinical needs of her birth and they respect that and are typically happy to answer my questions. They usually realize that I have a genuine interest in both  my client and all aspects of her birth and it makes for a much better experience overall for everyone. It also helps to plant good seeds of thought on doulas for wary staff who have not been exposed to them before me or  who may have had bad experiences with a doula in the past.

My point to all of this is that between the work I have put in to have both the CD (DONA) and LCCE designations by my name plus the practical experience of attending births and exposure to hospital staff and systems I do have a lot to offer a woman who may have questions about her pregnancy or birth or newborn.  Part of my training has included the tools and resources to provide evidence based information to women both in a class room setting and informally by email or what not. All of the information that I give women is fact based and generally given with references and resources so that they can research the information for themselves. I don’t want people to just take my word or believe what I am telling them just because I said it. I want to see people take responsibility for their bodies, births and babies and learn some things in the process.

I am a support person. I am a sharer of information. I strive to do the very best that I can to give good information and resources. It’s up to the individual to do the rest of the work. My hope is that after I have answered a question or sent and email that the asker will go forward and look into what I have told her. I know it doesn’t always happen and because I am human it frustrates me a little. I don’t want to see someone not heed my advice and have a bad experience but I am not also not on a mission to save any one either. It’s at that point I take a step back and not interfere  with what a woman chooses.

Please keep the questions coming. I am always happy to help in any way I can. Please continue to give me your feedback. It is motivating not only to me but to other women who read these blog posts or hear about your positive experience. And thank you for sharing with me, I am always honored to be a part of any birth whether directly or indirectly.


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